Moving out of addiction to sugar into God’s true abundance was a process that I could only do by trusting God with every area of my life, especially the foods I ate. This mindset shift away from feeling bound to sugary foods released an outpouring of overflowing abundance in my life that continues amazes me everyday.

Up and Downs of My Body

At 430 pounds I tried everything to lose weight. I’d starve myself with various diets. Some were very good diets, but none of them were plans I ever thought about staying on for the rest of my life.

I’d lose weight, many times as much as 100 pounds, but I’d say, “Whew, that’s done. Now, I can go back to the way I’ve always been eating.” I would gain all the weight back again plus 30 more pounds. Then, I would start the whole process over again.

I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it too. I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted to eat the literal cake. I knew things made with sugar and flour were my downfall. I just didn’t want to face not ever eating them again.

I Am A Sugar Addict

The small woman tv interviewer asked me, “How can you live without ever eating desserts again?” I said, “If I eat a piece of cake, I won’t stop with one piece. I’ll keep going with that and other things made with sugar. You can eat one piece and be done. I can’t. I’m like an alcoholic only with sugar. I am a sugar addict. To live, I must stay away from it.”

By holding on to sugar, breads and other simple carbohydrates, I could never get what I really wanted which was just to weigh a normal size. Those types of foods converted quickly into sugar in my blood stream, would spike my blood sugar and then my blood sugar level would plummet. When it fell my body would scream for more and I’d be off on the yo-yo dieting circuit once again.

To get what I said I wanted most in life, which was weight loss and health, I had to give up what I obviously wanted more than anything, foods made with sugar and flour.

Destitution and Lack

Although I always knew sugar had a hold on me, sugar was just a symptom of the real issue. That issue was an attitude of destitution or lack. If I gave up sugar, how could I be sure I would have anything at all to eat, especially anything I liked to eat? I would go without. I might starve.

I had allowed a stronghold of fear to control me. That feeling caused me to hoard sugar in my diet. I held on to eating foods with high sugar and flour content with all my might. I grieved even thinking about giving them up.

I had allowed my body to be in control. When it wanted sugar, I thought I had to give it sugar. I felt I could not control my cravings or I would surely die.

I Changed My Mind

I changed my mind and dared to believe my spirit and the Spirit of God in me could be in control if I set my will to follow.

After all, Paul pointed out, “If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”1 I was in desperate need of life!

I gave up sugar for the rest of my life. When that happened, an overwhelming abundance of health and wellness was released. It felt like a dam had broken, a dam that had held me back from really living. Simply stated, God broke through.

Things I hated before like salads, vegetables, fruits and nuts are main stays in my life today. It’s not that I just tolerate them, I love them. I look forward to eating them. God did that.

True Abundance

It’s taken years to get to this point, but I can honestly say I don’t have a craving for sugar. If I want a taste of something sweet, I bake a gluten-free concoction of something sweetened with bananas and liquid stevia.

What I did was exchange my attitude of destitution that said I had to eat everything I wanted because I might not get it again for God’s gift of true abundance. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. From abundance we take and guess what? Abundance still remains.

Jesus said He came to earth so that we as human beings could have and enjoy life and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows.2 That’s true abundance. It’s abundance that never ends.

The only depressing thing about all of this is that I didn’t give up sugar and bread 30 years ago. The exciting thing is that I am finally on the ride of my life having lost over 260 pounds and helping others do the same.

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1Romans 8:11, ESV

2John 10:10 AMP

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