Every year since 2013 around the beginning of the New Year God has given me a word for that year. Each year, when has given the word to me, it did not in the slightest make any sense how it might relate to the New Year. It has caused me to ponder, research and think about how that word relates to me. That is never more true that the word God has given me this year—humility.

I have no idea of what do with that word. Every year the word God gives me has reverberated through me all year long. It summarizes my year and encapsulates it in some prophetic kind of way. This was exceptionally true of the word God gave me for 2017. The year of faith is the only way to define 2017. And, by the way, I never do away with a word. I always seem to just build on it.

Walk By Faith

I moved into 2017 knowing my full-time staff person who had worked for me for 12 years would be leaving to be a teacher. While I rejoiced with her, I wondered how I was going to manage my full-time secular business of taking care of mentally challenged individuals in my home and doing everything I dearly loved to do with writing, coaching and speaking.

I also began 2017 with stage 3 adrenal fatigue after my whirlwind year of 2016 where I traveled across the country for radio and tv interviews and speaking engagements almost every week from March through December while at the same time working on a book.

It was at the end of the summer of 2017 when God clearly showed me to take a huge, and what seemed like a very risky, step of faith to give up that full-time business and trust Him for the outcome. So we did that in August, almost exactly two years from the date He had shown me I would give up this business in two years.

Then, God showed me the next step of one-on-one coaching. This was another giant step of faith to charge much more than I had before to work directly with individuals who really want to go forward on their journey.

The biggest step of faith in 2017, though, came at the end of this year. When God led me to form one big coaching community at an extremely low price, morphing my two existing coaching groups into one, I was scared.

When He verified this was indeed what He wanted, I was even more petrified. If there is one thing I’ve learned about faith this year it is, if I can see how it’s going to work out, it’s not faith. That’s what walking by faith and not by sight1 is all about.

Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Coaching Group opened December 30, 2017, and began filling up immediately. Although I still can’t see the totality of how it is going to work, I know this for certain. God who called me to do this is faithful.2 He is the One who will make this work for my good according to His will and purposes.3


For 2018, God gave me the intriguing word—humility. I searched in my computer documents for the word humility. I was sure I had a lot on the subject. But what I found was a chapter I left out of Sweet Grace.

At the time I remembered cutting it because it shared too much of the depths of the humiliation I went through when I weighed over 430 pounds. I talked about how my overeating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted was really not born out of humility, which the dictionary defines as thinking of yourself as less than everyone else. It came from a root of selfishness and pride.

I knew it 2013, but I was afraid to admit that piece to the world just yet. On top of everything else, how could I say to others caught in this cycle of overeating that the feeling of not being enough is selfish or prideful?

The biblical definition of humility is living in total submission to God. Everything we want is in Him. To want anything that is not of Him is pride. It is putting ourselves before Him.

Although humility is not a favorite word of mine, God has many promises for the humble. For one we inherit the very thing that is God’s. The humble inherit the earth.4

Words All Related

Humility or being humble seems to be the basic ingredient in God’s kingdom. All of my years and all the words God has given me from 2013 up to now in some way relate to learning the lesson of how to be humble so God can lift us up.

Consider these words from Jesus, “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God with faith and humility like a child will not enter it at all.”5 Faith was my word for 2017. Faith and humility work together in order for us to receive God’s Kingdom.

Or this promise, “Humility and reverence for the Lord will make you both wise and honored.”6 Wisdom was my word for 2016. We must be humble in order to be wise.

One of the most difficult things for us is to be less and allow God to be more, to allow His words to fill us and let them shine into and from us. The Psalmist says, “God, every word you give me is a miracle word— how could I help but obey? Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning.”7 Shine was my word for 2015. We must be humble and allow God and His Word to shine through us.

As children of the King, we have to focus on God instead of ourselves. “The mindset focused on the flesh fights God’s plan and refuses to submit to his direction, because it cannot!”8 Focus was my word for 2014. We have to focus on being humble.

Probably the Scripture that excites me the most about humility is one that goes full circle back to 2013. “God opposes the proud, but gives GRACE to the humble.”9 God’s grace is that commodity that He never runs out, butHe freely bestows on us when we are humble. My working definition of humility is living in total submission to God. I’m not even sure that is fully possible, but the benefits would be amazing!

I love it that the words that God has given me are in some way designed to teach me more about how to live in right relationship with Him and take up my place in His kingdom. I also see how even that can feel prideful at times. I know during this year especially, God will be gently whispering in my ear, “That was a bit prideful.” Hopefully, He’ll also have occasions to say, “Well done, my child. Well done.”


Although I don’t know everything about 2018, one thing I do know is that God has opened my heart to offer you a place in my one big group called Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Coaching Community.

Although this is a weight loss coaching group, I have individuals who come into the community not necessarily for weight loss but for spiritual guidance and understanding. Some have lost weight and just need a community to be a part of and accountable to.

Others are fighting for their lives because food addiction is breathing down their necks with a vengeance that is ready to take their lives. For all these reasons God has had me drop the cost of the group so you can come in and stay in as we journey together.

God has listened to your heart cries as I have. So many of you have told me you want this kind of group. So I have made it possible. I can’t go any lower and I can’t stay at this price unless you decide now to come in. The price will most likely change in the immediate future. As a matter of fact, when I told my mentor what it costs just for me to keep my website, facebook page and other social media content up to date, as well as marketing for the group, he told me he didn’t think I could offer it this low.

So it will likely go up. But for those who get in now during this grand opening, the price will never go up as long as you stay in the group.

Get in now and you will never have to pay more than $27/month. The group is open now. Join by going to bit.ly/2BOvercomer.

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