For years I felt like I was governed by childish emotions. This always came after I, as a full-blown, card-carrying adult had eaten things I swore I wouldn’t, such as candy bars or descendant desserts. In the moment of indulgence I didn’t think I was being childish. That came when my brain came back on line and said, “Why did you eat that whole bag of candy. That was childish. You are no longer a child. You are an adult.”

It’s a lot like 1 Corinthians 13:11 which says, “When I was a child I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child does. But when I became an adult my thoughts grew far beyond those of my childhood, and now I have put away the childish things.”

Filling the Void

This is how it’s supposed to work, but when our emotional needs don’t get met in childhood there is void. We fill that empty spot with what is available. I turned to food.

I didn’t have a bad childhood. I had a great childhood with many happy memories. But no childhood is perfect because when we are youhg, we have no reference points to process many of the things which happen or are said to us.

Emotional Stuckness

It was emotional stuckness at its yuckiest. I couldn’t pinpoint the origins but I knew I had emotional issues embedded somewhere in my brain. These had to do with memories which happened at various points in my childhood. I shoved them down to the cellar of me because I didn’t know what else to do with them. Whenever they would raise their ugly heads I would throw food at them to keep them quiet. They were still guiding my life.

As I grew to be an adult, I tried to think rationally and put away childish things, but they would not let go. I knew how to lose weight. I wanted to lose weight. I went on many diets to lose weight, but in the end they all failed. Oh, I would reach my goal but then, I’d reward myself with some dessert I remembered as comfort food from my childhood. Then I’d be off and running towards pursuing the only way I had learned to fix my broken emotional state.

Losing Big; Gaining Big

You can imagine my angst when I had weighed 430 lbs and lost 200 pounds only to begin gaining it back again. This was truly my wakeup call. A doctor had told me I would die if I didn’t lose 100 lbs and keep it off. Here I’d lost 200 and now I was gaining it back again.

This is when I discovered and began applying some basic principles in my life to address my core emotional roots and go through a process of forgiving, renouncing lies and reconnecting with God. This is what truly set me free. My books Sweet Freedom and Sweet Freedom Study Guide explain some of these processes.

What I needed, though, were people to come alongside me, challenge me, question me and lead me to God for answers designed especially for me. It took personal coaching, combined with a group learning the same principles I was learning and applying to really help me begin to experience God’s truth in my life.

Experiencing the Truth

John 8:32 is a familiar scripture. It says, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” We all cognitively know Jesus is the truth and that’s what had me stymied. If I truly knew Jesus, then how come I felt in bondage to food?

There is a difference in having a head knowledge of who God is and having a deep knowing in my heart and soul that only comes from experiencing His truth.

I love the way the Message puts John 8:32, “You will experience for yourself the truth and the truth will free you.”

For the first time, I began really personally experiencing what His truth was and is for me. I faced the truth about how I felt. The emotions of a child were guiding the adult me whenever a situation would trigger them.

Fear, anxiety, failure, trying to be perfect, trying so hard I overstressed myself, loneliness, the need to celebrate, the need for comfort, companionship, communication, protection, provision, guidance would overtake me and I would run to my pain reliever—comfort foods.

Somehow I had missed the fact that it wasn’t up to me to comfort myself. The Holy Spirit was my Comforter. Still, I wanted something more tangible and food was the one acceptable source among the Christians we hung out with. Yet, at 430 pounds, my comfort foods were killing me.

My rational thoughts were not guiding me. My emotions were. And even though I rationally knew all the spiritual answers, I wasn’t really allowing God to lead my life because in reality, I didn’t trust Him.

Learning how God’s freedom principles could set me free set me back on the track to have faith in God, who really is a God of grace. When I began to trust Him with all aspects of my life, I began to learn how to take those really risky steps of faith, walking in obedience to what He was showing me all along. It’s what my mind had been telling me, but my emotions had short-circuited and took over my decisions. Once I got things in the right order I was able to submit both my mind and emotions to the Holy Spirit’s leadership.

Freedom Principles

I am so grateful I learned God’s principles and how to use them in my life. I’d love to not only help you in one-on-one sessions, but teach you how you can help others apply these principles. At the end of the three-month time period, you will get a certificate of completion.

I do six private sessions with you over three months via zoom, skype or phone. No one else, just you and me together. We have a closed Facebook group where we will teach the principles along with providing group support.

Because this is my VIP level group, you also will have access to my private video vault with over 100 video courses.

I’m only taking 12 people. I’ve got room for a few more and I want you to be one of them. Go to to learn more and join. Don’t wait! The group is open now for introductions and beginning assignments. Doors close September 1, the first day of class.

Don’t wait! The group is open now for introductions and beginning assignments. Doors close September 1, the first day of class.

Ready! Let’s get started. I’ll see you in the group!

Want to hear more? Here’s a Facebook Live I shared on my Facebook page.

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