Why Can't I Stop Eating?

To Lose Weight and Keep It Off You Must Deal With

The Roots of Emotional Eating

Teresa Shields Parker, author of Sweet Grace, has lost more than 260 Pounds. She understands the struggles of being super morbidly obese and the extreme issues surrounding emotional eating. Using Sweet Freedom principles she will lead you to uncover the reasons and discard those roots.

Sweet Change Weight Loss Group Includes:

  • Video Trainings twice a month from Teresa Shields Parker
  • Study Guides and Action Steps to help you implement the information provided
  • Live Interaction with Teresa in her Private Facebook Group for Sweet Change Members Only
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins vital to your success in the group
  • Monthly Q&V Video where Teresa gives opportunity to ask the questions you were wondering about, then answers via video.
  • Community Interaction for those times when you have to reach out for support
  • Monthly LIVE Video Coaching Call with Teresa to provide group coaching, plus time for you to ask your individual questions. This alone is worth the monthly cost.
  • Ongoing Encouragement and Support from one who has been there and understands the pitfalls
  • Private Facebook Group means all comments, posts and names of individuals in the group are not viewable by anyone else besides you and other group members. Confidentiality is a key ingredient. All content is run from the Facebook group.
  • A Bonus VIDEO VAULT worth over $10,000! This feature currently includes over 100 of Teresa's weight loss video short courses and #KickWeight Videos with study guide and action steps. #KIckWeight videos include Teresa's proven strategies to lose weight and keep it off. More video courses will be added as Teresa releases them. It is already one of the largest resources for Christian weight loss available. This feature alone is worth exponentially more than the price of the group. Access them any time you are a member of the group. 

Facing the Real Emotional Issues

Our problem is not the right diet, it's facing the reason why we eat when we aren't hungry and when we know it's going to add more pounds to our bodies making us tired, sluggish and irriitable Another diet is not going to help because weight loss is about changing from the inside out like Romans 12:2 in The Message so aptly puts it.

Weight loss is not an outside job. It is an inside job. So that's where we are going to start. We're going to delve into the sticky, wicket of why we eat and what we can do to stop those habits.

Sweet Freedom Principles

Sweet Freedom principles will help you discover the core issues that hold you back from losing weight and keeping it off. When you discover the emotional, mental and spiritual issues that are really operating in your life, you can trace the root and begin the healing process.

You will need to go deep and share the things holding you back. Why do you eat? Overwhelm, stress, frustration, anger, loneliness, sadness, depression, regret, guilt, fear, bored, rejected. Maybe you eat when you want to celebrate, reward yourself because no one else will, be social or just because you want the entire world to go away.

This group is not about another diet or eating plan. We'll talk about those, but we're more concerned about the pressing issues that cause us to overeat in massive quantities and hate ourselves the next day when our jeans won't zip. Questions like:

  • Why can't I stop eating?
  • Why is it that I know what to do, but can't seem to stop myself from continuing to do it?
  • Why do I crave food constantly?
  • Why does even the thought of being without food make me want to eat all the more?
  • Why do I feel like I am in bondage to sugar, breads, potatoes and starchy foods??
  • If I don't eat, what can I do when my emotions get out of control?
  • How do I fix the mess I've created of my life?

We're going to get to the core of your unique issue and when we do, we will hit pay dirt. The core is where the root is. The evil one loves to hide the roots because he knows we we find them, pulling them is going to be easy!

Because of the nature of the group privacy and confidentiality is very important. We are run from a private, secret Facebook group. Study Guide and videos are also accessible in a private membership area on Teresa's website. All coaching and discussion, though, is done though the Facebook group.

YOU are the Main Ingredient to Your Success

The work in the group is not hard. You CAN do this. However, YOU have to do the work, watch the videos, do the action steps, ask questions, join the video calls, share and hold on as tight as you can to Jesus. Your coach will give you support and stretch to go further on this journey.

Join now if you are ready to work hard on your whole being—body, soul and spirit. Join now if you don't want another diet, but you crave a total transformation. Join now if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Join now if you are really ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. REALLY ready.

​Since joining Sweet Change Group, I have lost over 60 lbs.

This alone is a big deal because I am only 4' 11” tall. Even more than weight loss, though, I see the Fruit of the Spirit of self control active in my life in a way I never dreamed it could. I have been able to make decisions based on what is healthy for my body regardless of what is going on emotionally.

Thanks to Teresa’s coaching I have been healed in many areas emotionally. This has made a huge difference in my life. Starting with forgiveness in particular, I have been able to move on from hurtful issues of abuse and neglect from my childhood, as well as the guilt for how I chose to deal with it using food and other harmful behaviors. The healing process has broken down walls between me and God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Now I have new tools to access the true Source of wholeness I have always needed.

I have learned to take those emotional things where they belong...to the Throne Room of Grace! It doesn't mean I don't have temptations, it just means I can speak back to those temptations like Jesus did in the wilderness. There are still areas to work on, but they are coming.

I have learned Sweet Change to apply these principals in other areas of my life like finances. The best part though is how my walk with The Lord has grown sweeter and closer!

Rhonda Burrows

Personal Note From Teresa

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I can't tell you how many programs I quit just before I got a BREAKTHROUGH. Being involved in the group for six months is where you will see results if you are doing the work. I will not budge on the commitment. Remember, you are making an investment in yourself.

I know the mindset of those who are extremely overweight. Remember, I've been there. We try one thing for a short period of time and when the "magic" we thought was there doesn't work, we stop.

This group is designed to get you over that hump—to get through the middle where most people get stuck. I know if you stay with the process for the period it takes, you will get your breakthrough. It won't come magically, but it will come with dedication and perseverance.

The value of coaching, mentoring and accountability can't be measured.

It is worth everything - your very life...

Sweet Change Group has given me the tools, direction and support I need to walk through this journey of food addiction with victory.
Penney Carroccio Anderson

My tendency is to do things on my own, and even through that stopped working for me a while ago, I continued to use that strategy as it relates to my food issues. When I joined this group, I decided I was going to use the group as my new strategy. Because it’s online and always available, I’m never on my own! There is always a new post to read, a video to watch, action steps to complete, accountability to keep. I still tend towards doing things with my own power. This group gently reminds me that the power to overcome is in God and God has responded beautifully to me when I seek Him out.

Casey VanDyke

Teresa is incredibly gifted by the Lord. Her challenges and teachings help me keep focused on the Lord and what He wants for me. I struggle because I have 240 pounds to lose. It's so obvious that Satan is doing all he can to discourage and depress me, but I know for a fact that my Holy Father is greater and promises that I can do all things through Him that strengthens me. Everything Teresa says speaks to my heart and my situation. God uses her to speak to my heart. I know that as I admit my weakness to Him, He becomes my strength for another day on my journey.

Jeanie Trosper

The Bonus Video Vault Includes:

Sweet Grace Videos & Study Guides

  • Sweetness for the Soul
  • Power for the Powerless
  • Overcoming Temptation
  • The Reason for Surrender

KickWeight Videos

  • Commitmet
  • Demo Day
  • Stop-Start
  • How Bad Do You Want It?
  • Emotions and Food
  • Reprogramming Your Mind
  • Willpower
  • Food
  • Hunger
  • Cravings
  • Temptations
  • Rebellion
  • Total Transformation

Stop Dieting, Start Changing

  • Vehicle of Stop-Start
  • Stop Start - Overriding Neural Pathways
  • Everything Changes
  • Change Your Habits
  • Conquering Difficulty
  • Being Fed By Jesus
  • In Spirit and In Truth
  • Moment of Change
  • Me vs. The World

What Can I Eat?

  • Standing in Grace
  • The Naked Truth
  • Binge Eating
  • Why Can't I Stop Overeating
  • Food Freedom
  • What Can I Eat?
  • Hunger
  • Power
  • HALT Temptation

How Can I Apply Sweet Freedom Principles in my Life?

  • Emotional Eating and Freedom
  • Forgiveness
  • God Connection Basic Principles
  • Fear and Exchanges
  • Do You Have Open Doors In Your Life?
  • Wall of Shame
  • Shame and Strength
  • Picturing God
  • Companionship
  • The Jesus Connection
  • Provision
  • Bringing it All Together - Sweet Freedom Principles
  • Reset Your Life: Forgive Yourself
  • What Are You Worth?

How Do I Manage the Emotions that Drive Me to Eat?

  • How to Distinguish the Voices in Our Heads
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Hearing God's Voice
  • Asking God the Right Questions
  • Healthy Emotions
  • Are They Just Words?
  • Trust Comes Before Commitment
  • Commitment, Obedience and Presence
  • What is Your Relationship With Food?
  • Acceptance
  • Hopeless
  • Hunger and Peace
  • Peace and Pain
  • Identify
  • It's Frustrating
  • Broken Baggage
  • Beautiful One
  • Trust and Authority
  • Faith and Trust
  • Deeper Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Spiritual Mothering
  • Making Your Wildest Dream Come True
  • Who Am I?

How Can I Walk in a Healthy Lifestyle?

  • Covenant and Commitment
  • Love Yourself
  • What Do You Want?
  • Why Do You Want to Live?
  • Dreams and Visions
  • The Journey
  • Ah, But What If You Fly?
  • Mind of Christ
  • Metamorphosis
  • Chrysalis
  • Three Steps
  • Conditions for Chain Breaking
  • How Did You Lose All That Weight?
  • Overcoming Comfortable Ruts
  • Promises on the Journey
  • My Spirit and God's Spirit
  • Fear, Protection and Destiny
  • Living With Destiny in Mind
  • Vision
  • Wise Choices
  • Wholeness
  • Never Give Up

How Can I Triumph Over Evil's Schemes?

  • Comfortable Ruts and the Enemy
  • Will It Be God or a Cookie?
  • Miracles in the Making
  • Children of Obedience
  • Lies and Weapons
  • The Secret to Transformation
  • Spiritual Atmosphere Shift
  • I Am Done With Denial
  • Developing Your Life Mission Through Temptation

Questions About Sweet Change

In the process of starting Sweet Change Weight Loss Group we've had several questions and comments. Here are a few (click to open up the answers).

“Yes, I am interested in the group. $​87 a month is at least the price of my fast food habit. I spend at least $25 a week on fast food alone. And I know me. I'll quit after a month. I need commitment of at least six months to see this through.”

"I've been searching for a weight loss accountability group that's not about food plans. I know what to do, I just don't do it. I need a group that will help me figure out why I don't do what I should do."

"I need someone to motivate me to lose this mountain of weight."

I'm Ready to Take the Sweet Change Journey!


* Choosing this program, you may opt out at any time after six months from your start date by emailing info@teresashieldsparker.com

To purchase, simply hit the Start Now button below. Watch for an email regarding the program.

$127 $77

per month with a six-month commitment.
Payment recurs every 30 days
$77 per month for a limited time (regularly $127/month)

Get FREE access to Teresa's Video Vault for as long as you are in the group. Vault includes 104 Christian Weight Loss Videos, #KickWeight and Sweet Grace Videos, all with study guides and action steps.

** Please note each commitment is a firm commitment for the duration of the program purchased (six months at least). Stay as long as you like at this low price. Because you are privy to all videos and content in the group, there will be no refunds


Sweet Change Group is a safe place for those who have struggled with weight all of their lives.

Don’t expect a diet or exercise plan, but be willing to go deep and face the REAL issues that cause your overeating and sugar addiction. Take this journey with Teresa Shields Parker, who is an amazing and anointed coach. She will guide you on your journey. Join with encouraging friends who are walking the same road. Above all, take God’s hand as He leads you to complete freedom through Sweet Change group.

Ilse Minnie Bensen

I am a carbohydrate addict. Everyday I battled with simple carbs. I hated the bondage it had over me, I hated that I couldn't see the way out, I kept going back to what I knew, back to the heavy chains that bound to these foods.

I kept pleading with God to set me free from the hold it had on me. Then in December 2013, God answered my prayer with the book, Sweet Grace, by Teresa Shields Parker. The book opened doors of revelation of my bondage. I saw triggers, doors of the past that had been left open allowing wounds to stay open and sting me, but with zeroing in on my behaviors and making changes in a positive manner that will benefit my well being I have been able to go forward. Renouncing the lies that are contrary to how God the Father, Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and Jesus, my best friend, feel about me, I am walking in freedom. Everyday I am given a choice. I don't chose simple carbohydrates anymore. Each one in Sweet Change group has a story, each one has chosen to write HIStory on our hearts. Although this is still a battle I face every day, I am very thankful with God I can win the battle. I am also thankful God used Teresa to speak to me through Sweet Grace so I can now live in His Sweet Freedom.

Michelle Zachary Bos

As you join Sweet Change group you are going to be blessed because you have embarked on an amazing journey. I have fought food addiction for 50 years.

For me, Sweet Change was a healing place, a restoring place, a finding-your-voice-and-glory place. Sweet Change is a place where I dreamed dreams that are possible with the Lord. This group is truly a gift beyond my wildest dreams. The thing I learned is to listen well and heed God’s call, follow the wise words and plan well. There were twists and turns and bumps in the road, but I learned to hold fast to Jesus. As I walked the Sweet Change journey I found the person I buried in the junk I had held on to. But as I traveled, I learned to look at my reflection and finally like what I saw. To new members I say, “Hold on. Do not give up. The Lover of your soul is, and always has been, pursuing you.”

Nora Saggese

The Small Print...

* Recurring monthly fee for the the length of your commitment—If you choose a discounted rate, it applies for as long as you remain in the group. Understand, this is a firm commitment for the duration of the program you are purchasing.

**To be removed from the group after your program commitment, you need only send an email to info@teresashieldsparker.com at least one week prior to your renewal date. Your payment is debited every 30 days from the day you enrolled.

Details of Program: We have found those who have the best success, must be in Sweet Change for at least six months. Committing to 180 days gives you the best outcome. Signing up for Sweet Change subscribes you to the group on an ongoing basis for a year. The six-month program may be stopped any month after six months, but if you have an extreme weight issue or sugar addiction you may wish to stay for longer and are encouraged to do so.

Refunds: Because you are privy to all videos and content in the group, there will be no refunds or early opt-outs. For special situations, send an email to info@teresashieldsparker.com.

Disclaimer: Teresa Shields Parker is not a licensed counselor, nutritionist, physician or physical therapist. All information contained within the group is based on personal experience. For any medical or emotional conditions seek the advice of a professional. Persons entering into the program accept full responsibility of results obtained.

I shut myself off from the sunlight of the Spirit. You book, your story, your group helped me right a life that had veered off course.

So, Teresa Shields Parker, thank you for your obedience, your willingness and your time. I have received a Sweet Change result from my time spent with you.

PegJean Evans