Sweet Change 101: Seven Keys for the Weight Loss Journey

Sweet Change 101 is the course you've been waiting for!

Teresa Shields Parker, author of Sweet Grace, has lost more than 260 Pounds. She understands the struggles of being super morbidly obese and the stressors facing each of us every day.

Sneak Peak from Sweet Change 101

Weight Loss Is An Inside Job

To lose weight, we have to work on the inside, our mindset, our thoughts and ideas about ourselves, others and God first. We've all been on so many diets we can't even count them. Some worked really well while we stuck to them. The problem is, we don't stick with them.

There are other issues we have to deal with in order to stay true to what we cognitively say we want. We know we want to live a long, healthy life, having great relationships, lots of energy and passion for things we love. When we're tired, have no energy, don't even want to think about cleaning house or doing laundry, drive through fast food to feed our family, sit in front of the television and snack all night long, we have to realize something is out of order.

Sure, it's what we eat and how we move, but more than that it's why we eat what we eat and why we refuse to move or even rebel against anything labeled "exercise."

This course helps answer your fundamental questions.

  • How can I love and take care of myself?
  • Why should I go on this journey?
  • What can I do about my cravings?
  • How can I pull myself together and feel like a complete person?
  • What is a moment of change and how can I grab hold of it?
  • How can I handle my out-of-control emotions without my comfort foods?
  • Why can't I lose weight when I really want to, but I find mWEI You Set FREE!

Teresa knows what's like. Once weighing 430 pounds, she's lost more than 260 pounds. Her life has changed in so many ways, it's hard for her to share all of them. Because she remembers what it's like to be at a weight that feels like a living tomb, God has given her great compassion for those who are in that same situation.

This course, as well as the group, is born out of her desire to see others set FREE from the nightmare of extreme morbid obesity. In reality, anyone who has 20 pounds or 320 pounds will find these keys will help them lose weight AND keep it off.

Even if you have a relatively small amount of weight to lose, if you've been waffling back and forth, losing 20 gaining 30, losing, gaining all your life, you need this course. We do such damage to our bodies when we yo-yo diet. We need a LIFEstyle change.

Sweet Change 101 Includes:

  • Seven Video Lessons from Teresa Shields Parker. Lessons run from 20 to 35 minutes each.
  • Love Yourself—If we don't love and take care of ourselves we cannot love others, include affirmations list.
  • Know Your Why—Creating a big dream or vision of what we want will carry us through this journey.
  • Change Your Habits—Understanding how to change a bad habit is a major key.
  • Become Whole: Body, Soul and Spirit—Stop struggling and surrender to the power of God.
  • Embrace Lifestyle Change—In order to move forward we must have a moment or a season of change.
  • Stop Emotional Eating—Getting a handle on eating in order to stuff emotions is a real major key.
  • Never Give Up—Giving up on the journey is not a possibility, but surrendering to what we crave is.
  • Study Guides to help you process and apply the information presented. Downloads are available as well.
  • Action Steps to give you specific things you can do to put the material to work.
  • Supplemental Material Teresa has chosen to help you further understand the concepts.
  • Reflection Questions provide a way for you to share what you are learning with Teresa's team.


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Contact: For questions or concerns, send an email to info@teresashieldsparker.com.

Disclaimer: Teresa Shields Parker is not a licensed counselor, nutritionist, physician or physical therapist. All information contained within the group is based on personal experience. For any medical or emotional conditions seek the advice of a professional. Persons entering into the program accept full responsibility of results obtained.