She got up early and gathered
what she needed for a final act of service.
It was almost more than she could bear
to think of Him laying in a cold tomb alone.
And the anguish of the last week,
she had barely made it through.
But she knew she could never live
with herself if she didn’t care for Him
this one last time–a small act of homage.
Yet, He deserved so much more
a rich burial in a beautiful location,
eulogy expounding on His acts of healing.
He raised her brother from the dead!
People did not understand who He was!
She knew who He was and yet,
this week made no sense.
She stopped cold in her tracks.
The stone was rolled away!
Someone stole His body.
Who would do such a thing and why?
She could no longer hold back the tears.
She stumbled blindly outside the tomb.
“Woman why do you weep?” A voice spoke.
“Where have they taken Him?” She was distraught.
Then, He said her name and suddenly.
it was a Sunday morning she would never forget.
—Teresa Shields Parker

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