Journey to Transformation


Are diets an exercise in futility?

[ opens february 5! ]

Do you keep losing weight only to regain it again plus more?
Do you long to be healthy—body, soul and spirit?

[ opens february 5! ]

At 430 pounds, I was desperate for a way to not just lose weight, but transform my life. I didn’t want to go on another diet where I knew I’d lose weight, but then gain it back plus more. I wanted, no, I needed a total lifestyle change.

My turn-around moment came when I realized foods made with sugar and flour were killing me.

I had to face the fact that I was addicted to comfort foods and giving them up was the only way to break my cravings. Still I had no idea how to do that.

So I began a quest to discover how say good-bye to the foods that were keeping me from being healthy—body, soul and spirit.

Journey to Transformation is based on what I learned the hard way.

When I dissected what I had done to lose over 250 pounds, I found that my journey fell into five stages. These became the success path to transformation and the inspiration for this course.

The first two stages have to do with how I accepted, owned and then surrendered my issue to God. The third stage is all about the tools I discovered were necessary to help me go forward. The next two stages are about how I put the tools into practice through experience. And the fifth stage is all about mastery through transformation.

This course contains basic keys my weight loss and healthy living principles.

It is the foundational course for all of my coaching groups and courses.

This is the entry-level course to help you understand and implement your own transformation.

Real Results

Healing Past Hurts and Losing 93 Pounds

“After a divorce I began having weight issues. Now three years later, thanks to being in Teresa’s courses and coaching groups, I have lost 93 pounds, regularly do weight-lifting and am married to a new God-given blessing of a husband! Learning to forgive deep-seated hurts in my life helped me go forward to lose weight and begin to trust and love again. I’m thankful for the inner healing I received from Teresa and her course.”

Michelle Moore, Columbia, MO

What you’ll get for your Journey to Transformation:

The course includes:

  • 12 Lessons with video and audio versions, as well as transcripts
  • Action Steps
  • Challenges
  • 4 Live Q&A Calls with Teresa
  • Private FB group where teaching material will be available in social learning units.
  • Course materials and downloads  available in a special members’ section of Teresa’s website
  • Post any time in the Private FB coaching Group and get help, encouragement and support from Teresa and others on the journey.
  • Weekly and monthly accountability posts

Teaching videos cover:

  • Success Path for Weight Loss
  • Commitment and Acceptance
  • Loving Yourself
  • Trusting and Following our Loving God
  • How Dreams Come True
  • Ownership of Your Issue
  • Surrendering Your Issue to God
  • Developing Your Own Change Plan
  • Building Toward Lasting Change
  • Fighting for the Real You
  • Dealing with Emotional Roots
  • Encouragement and Accountability

Diabetes and 68 Pounds Gone

“I was diagnosed with diabetes about 18 months ago. I did not take medication. Instead I got serious about lifestyle change. I have quit lying to myself and started taking care of me. In the process, I’ve lost 68 pounds. My diabetes is gone and my A1C was 5.1 for my latest lab. I am off blood pressure medication and currently take no medication! Teresa’s coaching has literally been a lifesaver!”

Dawn Wisdom Kinstley, New Braunfels, TX

Journey to Transformation is the pre-requisite for being invited to join the Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Community.

This course is a pre-requisite for entering Teresa’s flagship monthly membership group, Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Community. In this awesome community members address more in depth the disciplines necessary for the journey and help each other go through their daily experiences in order to come out the other side a Wise Overcomer.

This 16-week course will be offered at various times throughout the year. At the end of each session, Overcomers Group will open for course members who wish to join in order to continue their journey.

More than anything, I want success for you on this journey. Through living through my own transformation and  years of Christian weight loss coaching, I have discovered the keys presented in the Journey to Transformation course are the best way to jumpstart your own transformation.



Missionary Loses 76 Pounds

“My husband and I have been missionaries overseas for 47 years in a closed country. I’m 72 years old and have been overweight or obese most of my life. I joined Teresa’s group and have lost 76 pounds! I’m the lowest weight I’ve been in my entire adult life. I even wore a pair of jeans for the first time in forever! More than that I now have the tools necessary and the community behind me so that I can keep the weight off.”

Jay Lee, Spokane, WA

Be advised…

… this course is not about a diet. As a matter of fact, the word diet will need to be erased from your vocabulary. This journey is about a forever lifestyle change. That means you will work on every part of you—body, soul and spirit—to allow God to help you change from the inside out as Romans 12:2 MSG tells us.

In this course, Il share from my own journey what I eat, but I will also show you that  what you eat is not as important as knowing why you eat. You will also discover what God wants you to eat and how you can change your habits in order to follow God in all things, even what you should eat and what you should not eat.



This course is for you if:

  • You want to ditch diets and step into lifestyle change.
  • You have lost weight but can never keep it off.
  • You want guidance and support from someone who has been there and come out victorious.
  • You want to follow God with all your heart and step into your destiny.
  • You are ready, really ready to work on yourself for a change.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You just want another quick fix.
  • You are still searching for some magic fairy dust that will change you.
  • You think you can do this by yourself.
  • You don’t think God cares about your health.
  • You don’t want anything in your life to change.

Walking Through Food Addiction

“My skewed thoughts of myself and food have kept me in a vicious cycle of destruction and failure for over 40 years. As God leads me through Teresa’s teachings, ministering and coaching, I am experiencing healing in the area of food addiction. A side benefit is I have lost 43 pounds. I now really know God has plans to prosper me and not to harm me.”

Susan Keays, Whitehall, PA

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Turning Her Life Over to Jesus

“At my highest weight I weighed 399 pounds. I’ve been yo-yo dieting all my life and even had lap-band surgery, lost weight and gained it back again. Teresa has shown me that I can learn a new way of life. I’ve turned my life completely over to Jesus for the first time. Now I can put down the unhealthy food and live life in the present. I have just started on my journey, but I know I am headed towards transformation.”

Sharon Temple, Yardville, NJ

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Transformation Is A Lifelong Process

“I have struggled with weight all my life. The tools I have learned through Teresa’s courses and groups are helping to renew my mind. Transformation is a lifelong process. There are no quick fixes, just steady growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I think God for all I have learned, the changes in my life and for helping me lose 60 pounds. That’s a big deal for someone who is under five feet tall!”

Rhonda Burrows, Palestine, TX

Committed to Transformation

“I have been on so many diets, but I failed with all of them. I felt there was something wrong with me when I’d see others succeed but I would fail. Then God guided me to Teresa. I’m thankful I’m now starting to find success on my own journey to transformation. I’ve just started but so far I’ve lost 19 pounds and am learning how to keep it off. That’s the transformation I am committed to.”

Tami Clark, Auburn, GA