Have you ever just felt stuck? One of the main things I hear from individuals when I speak or when I coach is, “I feel stuck and I want to get unstuck.” Sounds simple, right? Some people feel that even a tow-truck designed to extricate a semi could not pull them out of the pit they are in.

It is a feeling of having tried everything and nothing has worked. It is a paralyzing feeling that screams, “Doing nothing is better than trying and failing for the millionth time!”

I Can’t Go Forward

When I first met Margie McKay, she was a well-educated, successful woman who felt like she had come to a complete standstill in her life. She knew she couldn’t go backwards, but she was too afraid to go forward. She was even afraid to walk into church. She just stayed home.

Fear and lack of self-esteem ran rampant in her life. Life had dealt her blow after blow after blow. The idea of getting up again, just to be knocked down again had paralyzed her. Still, here she was desperately wanting to find out how to live again.

More Than Weight Loss

She came into the first coaching session wanting to lose weight thinking that would fix all her problems. As she went through the process, things became crystal clear to her. It was her beliefs about herself and God that were holding her back.

We traced these roots through many layers. As they each came off, she forgave people in her past, renounced lies and listened as God began communicating His truth with her on a real level. Finally, Margie’s joy began to resurface.

Even Father God tended to laugh with her during her talks with Him. He even told her He liked her laugh. As the God of the universe began to rebuild her self-esteem, I just marveled that I got to watch.

Fear of People

Many times the fear we have of talking to people comes from our lack of self-esteem. This was more than true of Margie. Before she began coaching, she had become afraid to talk with people.

“I thought, who am I talk to her? I’m just a fat, ugly, horrible, no-good person,” she declared. “There is nothing of value in me.”

Session after session, I watched as Margie’s attitude has had an entire turn-around. “Now I feel like there is value and not only do I have value, but everyone I am with has value,” she said. “We are all valuable to each other.

Total Turn-Around

Her relationship with God had a total turn-around. She changed from a person she felt God didn’t care about to one whom God dearly loves.

“God loves made me the person I am,” she said. “I am someone that is loved by God and I need to love me so that I can share that love with other people. I am getting to be a new person.”

Her perception of God had been so smothered it was hard for her to hear Him. “Now, I don’t have to be worried because I know I’m walking in with God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. They will give me the words to say.”


She added that this is because she now knows the security and acceptance of God. He’s not far off and distant. He’s right there with her.

This has freed her to be who she was always meant to be, the one-of-a-kind Margie McKay. “I am the only one who can be who I am,” she said. “I’ve had words said like that over me before, but they didn’t mean anything. But now, this is rooted in my heart.”

Margie has learned she was made by God for a destiny and that she is the only one who can do the exact things God is calling her to do.

That has made a difference in how she carries herself, where she goes and what she gets involved with because she is more sure that God is with her.

I Can Feel Good About Me

“I can walk in and feel good about me,” she said. “Now, I’m Ok about me … This is a whole, new different ballgame right now.”

This joy-filled woman is no longer stuck in her life. She is looking forward to wherever God takes her. Weight loss is still a goal of hers and because she’s been successful in the past with losing weight and because know she knows there is a reason to do so, there is no doubt that she will be successful in that as well.

For Margie enjoying, though, nothing is sweeter right now than the fact that God is fulfilling her longings to be close to God, doing what God wants her to do. “When God fulfills your longings, sweetness fills your soul.”1 


Working directly with individuals is really the best way for me to help them discover their core issues. It’s always a team effort between God, me and the other person. We go through the freedom principles we need for each situation in order to drop the barriers that are holding us back.

That leads us to inch towards that close relationship God longs to have with each of us. I am always awed by what He does. I love to watch Him work and be one tool He uses to another on their freedom journey.

My Great Joy and Privilege

I love the tears. I love the joy. I love the brokenness. I love the beauty that comes from putting the pieces back together again. This is my heart. This is what I love to do. Helping others is my great joy and privilege.

This is why I not only want to help you find and get rid of the issues that seem to be holding you hostage, but teach you how to do the same for others.

If you are in any helping profession or want to be, this program is for you. If you just know there is an issue that is keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey or in life, this is for you. If you are overwhelmed with fear, loneliness, stress, shame, guilt, indecision and any number of other issues, this is for you.

VIP Freedom Coaching combines one-on-one coaching, just you and me. We also have a Facebook Group, which is like our classroom. I post teaching videos there so those in the group can learn the concepts I work with while in the private coaching sessions.

I’m taking no more that 12 folks. The group is open now for membership and for introductions. Deadline to join is Saturday, Feb. 10. Group runs through May 10.

To join, go here: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/Vip-Freedom-Coaching.

It’s time to get on board. Freedom is within your reach. Join HERE.

1Proverbs 13:19 TPT

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