Why do we eat when we aren’t hungry? Why do we eat when we already have enough fuel for our bodies?

It’s like going to the gas station to fill up my car, but I continue to let the gas pump run well after the gauge says full. The shut-off valve is broken. However, our bodies are not like a car where the gas would just spill out in the ground. When we overfill our bodies we store the excess as fat on our bodies.

The irony of the human condition is although we know this is the reason for our weight gain and we really do want to lose weight and get healthy, we can’t seem to stop from overfilling. We keep on going with self-defeating habits until we destroy ourselves. Or we get a wake-up call.

My wake-up call came when a cardiac surgeon told me I had five years to live unless I lost 100 pounds and kept it off. I had a nine-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son. I knew they still needed their momma. See, my mother had already passed away. I was it in the maternal line-up. Of course my husband would do great with them, but still I knew it would be very selfish of me to eat myself to death without any thought of what I was doing to them.

Many times we feel that eating is something we can control and have no impact on our loved ones. Oh, but it does affect them. We can get to the point where we can’t walk as well, do housework, laundry, cook, grocery shop. If we are to the place where we live alone, we have to have someone do all of these things for us. We are prone to many more ailments like heart disease, diabetes even cancer and some say sugar contributes to dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s. The list of what overfeeding ourselves can do to us is endless.

How Weight Impacts Us

I know many who can’t work because of their weight. Many are on disability due to the subsequent disease brought on by their weight. This greatly impacts our family. I never wanted to be a burden on my family, but I was. I’d ask my children to go get me things, carry things, do things I should have been doing myself. It became difficult to go grocery shopping and when I did I had to plan carefully so I didn’t get too worn out.

In addition to all of that, I wanted to see my children grow up, graduate high school and college. I wanted to be at their weddings. I wanted so see them start their careers and I wanted to hold my grandchildren. These are normal dreams for mothers. I finally realized I was the one ending my own dreams.

How We Get Off Track

To share a sentiment of the elderly disciple John, “Friends, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health physically, just as your soul prospers spiritually.”1 Weight loss is not just a physical experience, but an emotional and spiritual experience as well.

We eat to fuel our bodies physically so we can be in good health, but somewhere along the line we have allowed food to become something to help us emotionally. Mentally we begin to believe we need this emotional high or sometimes we need the calming experience of certain comfort foods to get us through life without going berserk.

We become clouded to what this is doing to us spiritually. It’s hard to listen to what God is saying to us when all we can think about is when we can eat again. Our stomaches have finally become our god.2

“Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.”2 It’s a sad day when we understand the “they” in this verse is talking about us.

All along it has not been our goal for this to happen. It’s just that we feel we need something tangible to get us through each day. Anything we “use” to placate our emotions instead of taking them to God and allowing Him to lead us, will become a god to us.

How To Go Forward

I was asked recently if #KickWeight is about food plans or godly principles. I view weight loss as a total experience—body, soul and spirit. When I teach and coach I am big on leading others to understand how to establish their own food plan, the one God wants for them. I give guidelines, but I believe we all KNOW what to do, it’s just that we don’t do it.

We have to embrace what God wants for us, not something that has worked for others. For me giving up sugar and flour has been my physical lifesaver and I do believe if folks have more than 100 pounds to lose they should seriously ask themselves and God as to whether or not this is their issue.

That being said,  my coaching class and coaching group is entirely different from others because a food plan not my primary focus. We must attack this issue from the viewpoint of permanent and lasting change. To do that we have to understand what’s going on with us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

How To Begin

We are a total package. We can get godly principles from the Scriptures. I just help others connect the dots for how the principles relate to their specific problem area. And when going off track I coach them as to how to get back on track. I still have a godly coach I see who keeps me on track and whom I allow to give me a swift kick in the right direction every once in awhile. He does this with good motivational questions to make me really search myself as to what the answer is for me. I do the same in my groups.

#KickWeight is the group where I establish the foundations for weight loss. In our last session the group lost over 680 pounds. They learned first and foremost that we must fix our attention on God to be changed from the inside out.3 Attacking only one area, such as only the physical, leaves us totally lopsided. As humans, we will go back to our old ways if we don’t address all parts of us.

To make it easier, I changed things a bit on the #KickWeight page. The group is now $47 a month for six month, no special code needed. The full payment is now $237. Again, no special code needed. If you do the math the full payment makes the cost $39.50/month. In other words, the full price is the way to go. It says I’m ready. I’m all in.

If you’re ready, go HERE and join now using either method, monthly or full payment. I’ll see you in the group!

1 3 John 2AMP

2Philippians 3:19 NIV

3Romans 12:2 MSG

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