Do Certain Foods Control You?

Do You Know What to do But Just Can’t Get Yourself to Cooperate?

Do You Want To Live the Life of Your Dreams?

Do You Long for More Energy, Stamina and Clarity?

Do You Just Want Fit Into Regular Sized Clothes?

What Do You Want? It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves before we embark on any change journey. This video teaching includes the study guide and action steps. Order access to as many videos as you want for $47 each. These are coaching videos straight from Teresa’s vault.

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Reading or listening to Teresa’s books, blogs and video teachings on a daily basis helps me to be mindful of what and why I’m eating and keeps me focused on the goal. It’s when I don’t engage in these activities that I tend to go off track. My mind is being renewed and my habits are changing.

Taryn Cotton

a member of both #KickWeight and Sweet Change coaching groups

You know Teresa Shields Parker, Christian Weight Loss Coach, Author, Speaker and Bible Teacher, as the woman who lost more than 260 pounds with God’s help.

Now, she has chosen key videos from her private weight loss coaching collection just for you!

After doing weekly videos for over two years, she decided all those hundreds of videos could be helping others on their journeys. People constantly ask for more of her wisdom.

“Christian weight loss principles are timeless,” Teresa explained. “I am always trying to find more ways to let people know how much God wants to lead us through this life. He wants to draw us closer to Him and will use anything to do it.

“He used my extreme weight issue and addiction to sugar and flour to get my attention. At 430 pounds being told I only had five years to live if I didn’t lose weight was a real wake-up call. Since then, I’ve learned so much. I just want to shout it from the rooftops. There is more to life than living to eat! We can eat to live, life to the full, until it overflows!”

She and her staff are combing through the archives and choosing some of her best videos for you!

These present some of the key principles Teresa has discovered on her journey. Following God’s ways to health, happiness and wholeness transformed her life in more ways than just losing extra baggage. Along the way, she healed broken emotions, addressed spiritual misbeliefs and learned the truth of how God wants to work in our lives.

Teresa’s amazing weight loss journey  wouldn’t have happened without God’s help.

Since 2013 when she wrote and published her #1 Christian Weight Loss Memoir, Sweet Grace,  Teresa has appeared on numerous Christian television talk shows and radio programs. However, by far, she is most passionate about helping others get to their goals of total transformation.

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Christian Weight Loss Coaching Videos

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Ah, But What If You Fly?

Have you been afraid of not fulfilling your destiny? How have you comforted yourself while trying to do that but failing?
What is your dream or prophecy that God has shown will happen in your life? Are you ready to fly? 26:24 min.

Are They Just Words?

Prophesying to ourselves, Words we speak to ourselves are some of the most powerful. Tearing down strongholds. Forgiving ourselves, speaking Jesus’ words over our lives. 25:01 min.

Asking God the Right Questions

Do you feel like you hear what God says to you? He is always speaking to us, always leading us. We, however, are not always listening. Most of the time we’re doing all the talking. To hear His voice, we need to be conversing with Him, asking Him the right questions and listening for His answers. 32:53 min.

Beautiful One

Do you ever feel alone and unwanted? Do you feel like people keep leaving you and you’ll never have lasting love? Do you feel this is all your fault? Let God fill this emptiness in you and show you how beautiful and treasured you are to Him.  26:36 min.

Being Fed by Jesus

Jesus told us “I am the bread of life!” and “unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you cannot have eternal life within you.” What does this mean for our lives today? Do you allow Jesus to fed you?  19:29 min.

Binge Eating

Why do we eat what we eat? Why shouldn’t we be eating what we are eating? What are the motives that draw us away from what we should be eating? Food can be a bondage, but that is not God’s will for our lives.  What are some of the criteria for binge eating? If it is a disorder, can God fix it?  22:49 min

Broken Baggage

We all are broken. Find out what God gives you in exchange when you hand Him your brokenness. 18:13 min.

Change Your Habits

You can’t just stop a bad habit, you have to change it. 10 ways to change your habits. 19:38 min.

Children of Obedience

When have you opened the door and invited in something you really did not want to take over your life? At what point did you stop listening to God’s voice in the area of food and what you eat, how much and when? In what way has what you consume become a stronghold in your life? What is a Godly stronghold and what is the purpose of such a stronghold? Are you ready to walk in obedience to God? 23:58 min.


A biological miracle happens in the chrysalis. This stage relates to us on our journey.  Many changes happen. Everything about us also has to change. What has to change and how does it happen? We can learn a lot from the chrysalis. 23:01 min.

Comfortable Ruts and the Enemy

Things derail us and we go back to comfortable ruts. We have an enemy and we have to be constantly aware of having to defeat the enemy. Our continued obedience throws off the enemy. God is our best resource to help us through trials. We run to what we think is safe, but it’s far from safe and comfortable.If you only have a stop, you won’t stay on the journey. You will gain it back if you don’t have a start to focus on. If you’re looking for more information about how to start a start-stop, this is a good resource. 15:46 min.



We all have a need for companionship, someone to walk through life with us. When you were younger who filled this need in your life? Were they always there when you needed them? Family and friends are not always able to provide the support we need. Your Heavenly Father is always going to be there for you, are you ready to allow Him to be the companion your heart has been longing for?  27:03 min.

Conditions for Chain-Breaking

“God will break the chains that bind His people.” Are you ready to break the chains that bind you? 23:22 min.

Conquering Difficulty

Have you had a horrible week? What do you turn to when things don’t go the way you want them to? Does God want you to have smooth sailing and does he want me to be comfortable? Learn about stop-pray-hear-follow 21:18 min.

Covenant and Commitment

How to make a commitment. What is commitment? How do we become intentional about our weight loss journey? How important is making a covenant with God? 14:43 min.


Developing Your Mission Through Temptation

His desire for me and for you is that we “might have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance to the full, until it overflows.” (John 10:10 AMP) That verse also brings up a huge stumbling block to us obtaining this. We have an enemy, a thief, who has a mission to steal, kill or destroy my destiny and the destinies of all God’s children. God will help us in these times of temptation if we let Him. 28:35 min.

Dreams and Visions

What is your why for going on a weight loss journey? What dream do you have that you’ve always wanted to do, but you can’t do now unless you lose weight. The dream has to be bigger than the things you crave. Figure out the dream God has for you and you will have motivation for your weight loss journey. 18:33 min.

Everything Changes

So much changes from when you are little to when you are a grown up. Although change is hard it is necessary. This video and study guide will help you determine where you are now and where you should be going. Are you ready to embrace change?  25:05 min.

Faith and Trust

Are you willing to ask God what you need to work on? When is the last time you did this? What did He reveal to you? Often the relationship you have with your mother is how you relate to the Holy Spirit. Are you ready to dive deeper with your relationship and fully place your trust with the Holy Spirit? 20:52 min.

Fear, Protection and Destiny

After a dance with a semi, I realized that angels are protecting me. If I didn’t before I believe it now. I also believe God has a plan for me and for each of us. Do you let fear get in the way of God’s plan for you? 22:54 min.

Food Freedom

This is not about looking better, it’s about coming into right relationship with God. Sugar and flour will always be a temptation to me. I am a work in progress. I need God’s strength to get me through every moment of the day because my weakness is still there. Giving in would be easy, but I would regret it. 24:44 min.

HALT Temptation

IF JESUS WAS TEMPTED, THEN TEMPTATION IS NOT A SIN. When temptation is happening to you, you think something is wrong with us. However because this verse says He was tempted yet did not sin, it infers we normally are tempted AND sin. How can we guard against that?20:35 min.

Healthy Emotions

Emotions aren’t a bad thing. However, if we try to manage our emotions the wrong way, they can have devastating consequences. Learn how to manage your emotions without food or other substances. 17:19 min.

How Did You Lose The Weight?

This is the main question I get when I post my before and after picture. I generally tell people to read my weight loss memoir, Sweet Grace. My short answer is I did what God told me to do in 1977. I stopped eating sugar and bread. I started eating more meats, fruits and vegetables. But there’s more to it than that. Thus, the reason for the book, to explain all the ins and outs of my journey. If I talked for 30 years, I couldn’t share everything. But here are what I think are the three key phases of my journey. 22:42 min.


Are you hungry? What’s the difference between physical, emotional and spiritual hunger? What do you do when you’re feeling empty?  7 truths to overcome hunger. 24:19 min.

I Am Done With Denial

How did you get where you were? How did you get where you are today? How will you get where you want to be?What is your presenting issue? Are you ready to stop denying your presenting issue and face God’s truth of who you are! 23:37 min.

In Spirit and in Truth

Transformation does not happen without God’s spirit working on the inside of me to renew my mind, heart, will and emotion and my everything. However it also does not happen without action on my part. 23:01 min.

Intimacy with Jesus

What is your definition of intimacy? What things have happened in your life to set up a wall of mistrust between you
and someone else? What did Jesus mean when he said you are my intimate friends? What does Jesus want FOR us? 23:10 min.

Lies and Weapons

The enemy will do anything and everything to stop you on your journey to FREEDOM. What lies do you believe on your journey? How is he keeping you from your goal? Do you believe God will give you the tools you need to accomplish what may seem like an impossible goal?  27:09 min.

Living with Destiny in Mind

Life and death, Deut 30:19-20, Why am I on this journey? What is God’s destiny for me? 20:25 min.

Love Yourself

The Bible in Mark 12:30-31 clearly tells us we have to love ourselves in order to really love others. However, many times we fall short in taking care of our bodies, the temple of His Holy Spirit. How to do this properly is so important that it becomes a starting point on our journeys. 19:26 min.

Wildest Dreams Come True

God wants to set us free of things we have run to instead of Him. We have put ourselves in bondage, but we do not have to stay there. He wants to set us free. 21:07 min.


If we are like caterpillars turning into butterflies, we must fix our eyes on Him. We fly above our circumstances. We see things from His perspective. And when we do this our transformation will begin on the inside and move to the outside. Our metamorphosis has begun. 24:36 min.

Me Vs. The World

I know God has my back but in the throws of temptation. In the times where I think I need comfort or something pleasurable how do I conform to what I know I must do for my total health—spirit, soul and body? I know I’m supposed to allow God to renew my mind but what does that look like in the moment when I just want to eat something? Here are 5 steps to help you!  24:59 min.

Miracles in the Making

Losing an extreme amount of weight seems like a miracle, especially losing 260 pounds. The bigger miracle, though, is being healed from deeply buried emotional pain, stress, trauma, rebellion, disobedience and spiritual misbeliefs, just to name a few. To have the weight gone is one thing. The true miracle is transformation—body, soul and spirit. 21:25 min.

Moment of Change

The moment of change is so important on this journey. It’s that time when you decide, I am going to be made new by the power of God, in every area of my life. God has a destiny for you far greater than what you do or don’t eat. 34:51 min.

My Spirit and God's Spirit

We’ve been talking about our soul being our emotions, mind and will. Or our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Our body is the physical part of us, but what is the nebulous thing called our spirit? Where did it come from, what purpose does it serve? 22:46 min.

Never Give Up

We have an enemy and what he wants more than anything is for us to just give up when we fail.  God, though, has given us weapons to find the enemy on his own ground, in the spiritual realm. Teresa gives some tips on how to put on the full armor of God in order to never, never, never, never give up on our journeys. 21:33 min.

Power for the Powerless

Do you feel like your problems are bigger than what God can overcome? Do they seem impossible to get a handle on? God is bigger than anything you face; you just have to let allow Him to help you.  In Power for the Powerless, author Teresa Shields Parker shares scriptures and her own life story regarding how she used God’s power to overcome her addiction to sugar and super morbid obesity. If you are ready to change your life, this video is for you. Once you rely on God’s power, change will be the easiest hard thing you ever do. 42:42 min.


Do you trust God to take care of you or do you try to do it yourself?? Do you trust Him to take care of your body, provide the food you need not the food you want, provide everything every day of your life?  23:02 min.

Overcoming Temptation

Do you struggle with temptation? Is it hard to hear the voice of God underneath everything the enemy tells you? Have you started to believe the enemy? It’s time to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!” This video will walk you through how to get your body, soul, and spirit on track with the life Christ wants you to lead. 35:13 min

Peace and Pain

What have been your greatest losses? Mine was giving up sugar. How do we deal with the grief of giving up things that other people can eat but we can’t, we will never heal. 22:44 min.


Where does the power come from for this journey come from? Learn more about the secret weapon (that’s not so secret) you have to help you overcome the many temptations that will come your way on this journey! 22:05 min.

Promises on the Journey

What promises has God given you for your journey? Do you feel deprived? How does God want us to look at it?   27:33 min.

Reset Your Life

Are you always trying to make up for what you feel is an obvious flaw to everyone around you? Be encouraged today. God says you are enough, just like you are. Allow God to reset your life today! 29:00 min.

Shame and Strength

Do you feel captive to shame and blame? God gives us His grace. Are you ready to discover the power and freedom of God’s grace? 22:53 min.

Spiritual Atmosphere Shift

We need to change our thinking and our ways of coping, but we cannot do that without shifting the spiritual atmosphere around us. And the atmosphere does not shift until we make a firm decision about who is on the throne of our life. Are you ready to change your atmosphere? 26:06 min.

Spiritual Mothering

What is the story of you and your mother? Were you like oil and water? Or did you have a great relationship? How can you embrace the gifts your mother gave you and honor her on your journey? Choose to forgive your mother in order to remove the barriers you have towards your mother. It affects you and then your children. 24:46 min.

Standing in Grace

Diets that are one-size fits all do not create lasting change. Each person has different needs to help them achieve lasting freedom. Dieting can feel like legalism. But God has set us free through His Grace! Step into His Grace today!  21:34 min.

Stop Start-Overriding Neural Pathways

Neural pathways are formed in our brain and are permanent. We can get rid of them, but we can replace them with a new habit pathway. We have an old habit pathway that says one thing and replace it with a new habit. We can change our habits. It does work.I am living proof it works. It’s been seven years since I gave up sugar and started using stop-start. It really has worked for me. 19:14 min.

The Jesus Connection

Jesus is always there for us and wants to be a part of our lives. Sometimes our past relationships with our siblings gets in the way of how we communicate and relate to Jesus. Are you ready to fully let Jesus into your life? 23:52 min.

The Naked Truth

Others can hide their addictions, but ours is the LOUD addiction. People can tell at a glance that we have an issue and we are addicted to food. We have to own that addiction. 23:11 min.

Trust and Authority

Do you have a problem with control? In what way? How are food issues connected with control? What part does control play in your food issue? Are you ready to fully trust in God’s authority? 21:51 min.

Stop Dieting, Start Changing

How many diets have you been on? Diet is a short-term fix for a long-term problem. So how can we lose weight and keep it off? We have to go on a transformation journey. We have to begin to look at food as fuel, not because it is a habit or a desire. Stop-start information is included as well as identifying trigger foods. 16:20 min.


Sweetness for Your Soul

What is your source for comfort? Food? Clothes? Stuff? Alcohol? Drugs? Pornography? Trying to control your life on your own? Are you ready to surrender these temporary comforts for God’s everlasting one? Author Teresa Shields Parker describes how God’s grace applies to all aspects of our lives, not just when we were saved. 36:57 min.

The Journey

It’s not about a diet. It’s about walking so close to Jesus to come between me and Him ever again. For years I allowed the foods I craved to come between me and Him. He gave me a simple plan. 25:51 min.

The Mind of Christ

The mind of Christ versus our minds. Why are thoughts important to who we are? Are you ready to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?  25:20 min.

The Reason for Surrender

“Sometimes the surrender of something is integral to what He’s calling you to do.” Author Teresa Shields Parker shares her journey regarding how she grew to believe and use God’s immense power to help her overcome her addiction to sugar. In this video she shares how important surrender is to gaining God’s power and doing His work in our lives. She uses a classic children’s story and stories from the Bible to help you see the importance of surrender. 45:44 min.

The Secret to Transformation

Transformation is just a thought away but it has to connect to our emotions for the process to work completely.?20:49 min.

Trust Comes Before Commitment

What if it is not about weight loss? What if it’s an obedience issue. Can God trust me? What is your root issue of trust?  Key Principles. 22:03 min.

Vehicle of Stop-Start

The concept of stop-start consistently implemented in your life will change you. The things you thought impossible to do, will be possible through God’s power and your own decisions. If there is a magic bullet on this weight loss journey, this is it. This is Teresa’s top pick of all the videos. 30:15 min.


I was in open rebellion against what God wanted. What is your vision for your life? This is a good video to help you during the holiday season. 20:38 min.

What Are You Worth?

God created each of us on purpose for a purpose. As God’s creation you and I are priceless to Him. I’m a valuable quantity whether I weigh 430 pounds, whether I’m eating myself to death or not, GOD LOVES ME! What I did by losing 260 pounds does not make Him love me any more. But it does help me love Him more because I know the depths of His love and grace that called me back to Him again and again. He didn’t condemn me for my gluttonous behavior. He doesn’t condemn you either! 24:33 min.

What Can I Eat?

Would you like to get to the point where food is not the main focus of your life? Are you ready to experience freedom? It’s time to make a life change, not just another diet! 22:58 min.

What Do You Want?

What is God’s will for you? Do you want what God wants? Are you willing and eager to step into His purposes for you? How is what God wants for you different from what you want? What things are standing in your way? 23:10 min.

Who Am I?

Who are you? What do you say to define your identity? Do you feel your identity is defined by your weight? Often what you see as your identity can hold you back on your weight loss journey. Learn how God identifies you.  26:36 min.


How can you be whole—body, soul and spirit? This lesson is very much geared to Scripture as we understand what God really wants for our lives and how we can get there. Fasten your seatbelts for a thought-provoking ride. 21:33 min.

Why Can’t I Stop Overeating?

When you are lonely, tired, angry, sad, overwhelmed, stressed, rejected, what do you run to? Is it food that brings you comfort?
substitute for God’s comfort. It’s time to recognize this weakness and give it to the True Comforter! 24:25 min.

Why do you want to live?

Do you want to live? Why do you want to live? What are you doing to yourself that is severely limiting your life? God is ready to help you choose life through your weight loss journey. Don’t be encouraged! Have hope!   21:05 min.

Wise Choices

What is wisdom? How do we make wise choices? What are some stipulations for getting God’s wisdom? 22:37 min.