It’s a new year and with that comes New Year’s Resolutions. Most people are defeated the second they mention the word resolution. That’s because even before they begin to put feet to what they want to accomplish they are defeated by the fact they didn’t keep last year’s resolutions or the year before that or the year before that.

Disappointment in ourselves will keep us focused on what didn’t work. It keeps us from attaching ourselves to our purpose and destiny. Our destiny is still there, but we can’t see it or act on it because we are so focused on our failures and disappointments. We can’t see ourselves accomplishing anything.

So we don’t make resolutions. We don’t go on diets and if we do we know they will fail. We don’t try to change our lives. We just allow life to dictate to us what we should do. We stop attempting to become anything more than what life throws our way. We settle.


What is a resolution anyway? Resolution comes from the word resolve, which is a legal term. Be it resolved that these two parties have a contract or binding agreement to do such and such.

It also means a challenge that tests our mettle, a firm determination to achieve a goal, to apply stubborn persistence towards a goal and unwillingness to admit defeat, a mental or moral decision to have the strength to resist hardship.

A New Year’s Resolution really is a promise we make to ourselves and God to accomplish a goal.


Since the word resolution is connected to the word promise, we have to understand what a promise is. A promise is also a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or completion of a specified act.

A promise is an oath, pledge, troth, vow, word, covenant or commitment. To make a resolution is to make a promise.

The word promise, though, doesn’t carry the weight it used to. Be honest. How many times have you said, “I promise I will be there on time?” Then, for some reason, you didn’t even make it to the event or appointment?

How many times have you made a promise to yourself that you would stop eating something you know is harmful to you and start doing something you know is beneficial but haven’t kept either of those promises?

We don’t see a promise as something binding, but more like I’ll do it if it’s easy and I feel like it at the time. Kind of like, I promise I won’t gossip and then, we find ourselves doing that very thing.


Why do we do that? One reason is because we don’t understand the consequences of saying we promise and yet not carrying through. It’s not like someone is going to come and arrest us if we don’t follow through, right? So if we feel like it and it’s convenient, we will keep the promise.

However with our health journeys and we decide we want something, but we know we aren’t hungry, we are only hurting ourselves if we eat that and break our promise. Then, we ditch ourselves time after time after time, with no thought of the consequences that eating food we don’t need will have on our bodies, our lives and our very purpose for being on this earth.

Faithful God

God is not like us. He keeps His promises. “Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is the faithful God who for a thousand generations keeps His promises and constantly loves those who love him and who obey His commands,” (Deuteronomy 7: 9 TLB).

God is faithful to us. He is not a man. He cannot lie. However, there is a caveat to Him keeping His promises. We have to keep ours. We have to obey Him.

God keeps His promises to those who love Him and obey Him. Loving God and obeying God are tied together.

Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love Me, obey My commandments.” Which means the converse is true, if we don’t do as God commands, we don’t love Him.

Obedience Matters

John explains this more in 2 John 1:6: “Love means living in obedience to whatever God commands us. For to walk in love toward one another is the unifying commandment we’ve heard from the beginning.”

When God shows us something we need to do and we decide not to do it, we are not walking in love towards Him. We are actually turning our backs on God and walking the other way.

We have broken the promise we made when we accepted Jesus as Savior and promised to follow Him. When we are ignoring Him and doing as we please, we are following our own desires.

Deny Our Selfish Desires

Time and time again God warns us that following our own desires is not following Him. Jesus said, “If anyone wishes to follow Me as My disciple, he must deny himself, set aside selfish interests, and take up his cross daily, expressing a willingness to endure whatever may come, and follow Me, believing in Me, conforming to My example in living and, if need be, suffering or perhaps dying because of faith in Me.” (Luke 9:23 AMP)

This year let’s make our goal to follow what God desires rather than our own selfish interests. Then, we can stand firmly on His promises to us.

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