I was thinking about you today because it’s Mother’s Day as I am writing this. Sometimes we have life-defining moments attached to special days. I wonder if that has been true for you? It was for me.

My children in 1990. Jenny, 3 months, Andrew, 6.

Hannah’s Story

Mother’s Day of 1990 stands out in my mind as one of those directional moments. On that day, my pastor at the time, Dr. Gary Denbow, preached about Hannah out of 1 Samuel.

He talked about how Hannah, who was barren, prayed for God to give her a son and promised to “give him to the Lord for all the days of his life.” (1 Sam 1:11)

She was so deep in prayer that the priest Eli thought she was drunk. When she told him she was pouring her soul to God out of her great anguish and grief, he told her, “Go in peace and may God grant you what you asked.” (1 Samuel 1:16)

God grants Hannah and her husband a son and she names him Samuel. She nurses him and weans him. Then, she takes him to the house of the Lord at Shiloh and presents him to the priest to serve the Lord for “his whole life.” (1 Samuel 1:27)

The Great Samuel

This meant, she gave her little boy to Eli, the priest, to be trained. We know from what happens later in this story that Eli’s natural sons are wayward. Eli himself falls backwards off a stool and dies because of his enormous weight. So how did Samuel become such a great prophet?

This is the life-changing part of the story, the part I had never heard before.  In the Jewish culture, the time of weaning was not as an infant, but around three years of age, Dr. Denbow explained on that Mother’s Day.

“By the time he was three years old, Hannah had taught Samuel all he needed to know to be one of the great prophets of his nation,” he said. “A mother’s influence in those first few years of a child’s life is priceless. Nothing can replace a mother’s love, care and teaching. It’s integral.”

How do I remember this happening on that specific year? I was eight months pregnant with my second and last child. She was born a month later. God had been nudging me regarding quitting my full-time job and working from home with my baby and six-year-old.

Quit My Job?

This story hit me between the eyes. I knew what God wanted, but how in the world could we do it? What would my husband think? How could we make ends meet on one income? Could I really leave a job I loved?

When my daughter was two months old, I went back to work. I wanted to quit, but I was stuck in the entire provision quandary. I found a great Christian daycare center, but Jenny would be crying when I left her, crying when I called at noon and crying when I picked her up after work.

It didn’t take two more months to convince me that no matter what it cost, I needed to be with my children. My husband agreed. We would find a way.

Influence Matters

It’s amazing how one person, such as my pastor, can preach a sermon that changed the direction of our entire family. I was able to put more effort towards the regional Christian newspaper I was editing and publishing, even though it was not a paid position.

It gave my children more time with me and with the children of other moms with whom I was volunteering as we took turns watching the children but we were all there if needed. It gave my husband the fulfillment of his position as the main provider for our family

It’s a season of life that was difficult for us, but oh, so rewarding. More than that, it was a God-ordained choice. I could have chosen to ignore what I knew God was whispering in my ear and kept working. Looking back, I believe that would have eventually resulted in my early demise. I was already stressed to the max and one can only exist so long in that space.

Making the right choice gave me breathing room.

What About You?

Now, why am I thinking about you? I know you have some tough choices ahead of you. We all do everyday. You may be thinking of changing jobs, quitting a job because of stress or looming retirement.

You may be wondering what career direction you want to go in or can go in with your current training or what training you should get to go in that direction.

You may be going through relationship issues or issues because of a lack of a relationship.

You may be in a health crisis that has to do with not taking care of your body, gaining weight, eating wrong and not exercising.

Your issue may be a fear of people, of life, of making changes, of putting yourself out there, of being rejected, of being abused yet again, of failing for the umpteenth time again.

You were not meant to live life in despair. God has a solution for you.

How Coaching Helps

It was helpful to me to have coaches and mentors in my life to help me discover right direction, to see what I couldn’t see, to let me talk through my choices until the right decision became clear.

These are exactly the kinds of things we do in VIP Freedom Coaching. We talk through the tough choices. We probe deep to see if there are issues we need to grapple with which are precluding us from doing what deep in our heart we want to do.

In my case I wanted to the kind of mother who puts her children first. I knew some of that stemmed from my own issues growing up. I wanted to be the kind of mom who was there for her kids. Dealing with that set me free to do what was best for me and my family.

Through my life, I have had mentors and coaches who help me find my own answers when I can’t find them myself. They helped me see the roadblocks I had placed between God and myself and showed me how to work to remove them.

VIP Freedom Coaching Deadline Tuesday

That’s exactly what we do in VIP Freedom Coaching. I’m writing this letter to you today on Mother’s Day to tell you that you are worth investing in yourself so your family has the best you possible. There is nothing better than moving forward after a long season of being stuck.

My specialty is helping you discover what’s holding you back so you begin to put one foot in front of the other and conquer the world! Well, maybe not the world, but at least the thing that has you stuck.

VIP Freedom Coaching is open now, but doors close on Tuesday, May 15 at midnight. I have limited spots. Let this be a Mother’s Day season to remember. Join today by going here: https://teresashieldsparker.com/vip-freedom-coaching.

I’ll see you in the group.

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