Journey to Transformation

[ opens february 8! ]

Are diets an exercise in futility?

[ opens february 5! ]

Do you keep losing weight only to regain it again plus more?
Do you long to be healthy—body, soul and spirit?

[ opens february 5! ]

At 430 pounds, Teresa Shields Parker was desperate for a way to not just lose weight, but transform her life. She didn’t want to go on another diet where she knew she’d lose weight, but then gain it back plus more. She wanted a total lifestyle change.

Her turn-around moment came when she realized foods made with sugar and flour were killing her.

She knew she was addicted to her comfort foods and giving them up was the only way to break her cravings. Still she had no idea how to say no to them.

So she began a quest to discover how say good-bye to the foods that were keeping her from being healthy—body, soul and spirit.

Journey to Transformation is based on what she learned.

It includes her success path to transformation. When Teresa dissected what she had done, she found that her journey fell into five stages.

The first two stages have to do with how she accepted, owned and then surrendered her issue. The third stage is all about the tools she discovered were necessary to help her go forward. The next two stages are about how she put the tools into practice through experience. And the fifth stage is all about mastery through transformation.

This course contains basic keys her weight loss and healthy living principles.

It is the foundational course for all of her coaching groups and courses.

This is the entry-level course to help you understand and implement your own transformation.

Course includes:

  • 12 Teaching Videos with video and audio versions, as well as transcripts
  • Action Steps
  • Challenges
  • 4 Live Q&A Calls with Teresa
  • Private FB group where teaching material will be available in social learning units.
  • Course materials and downloads will also be available in the members’ section of Teresa’s website
  • Post any time in the Private FB coaching Group and get help, encouragement and support from Teresa and others on the journey.
  • Weekly and monthly accountability posts

Teaching videos cover:

  • Success path for weight loss
  • Commitment and acceptance
  • Loving yourself
  • Trusting and following our loving God
  • How dreams come true
  • Ownership of your issue
  • Surrendering your issue to God
  • Developing your own change plan
  • Building toward lasting change
  • Fighting for the real you
  • Dealing with emotional roots
  • Encouragement and accountability

Journey to Transformation is the pre-requisite for the Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Community.

This course is a pre-requisite for entering Teresa’s flagship membership group, Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Community, where members address more in depth the disciplines necessary for the journey and help each other go through their daily experiences in order to come out the other side a Wise Overcomer.

This 16-week course will be offered at various times throughout the year. At the end of each session, Overcomers Group will open for members who wish to join.

More than anything, Teresa wants success for you on this journey. Through living through her own transformation and  years of Christian weight loss coaching, Teresa has discovered these keys presented in the Journey to Transformation course are the best way to jumpstart your transformation.



Be advised…

… this course is not about a diet. As a matter of fact, the word diet will need to be erased from your vocabulary. This journey is about a forever lifestyle change. That means you will work on every part of you—body, soul and spirit—to allow God to help you change from the inside out as Romans 12:2 MSG tells us.

Teresa will share from her own journey what she eats, but as she will tell you, what you eat is not as important as knowing why you eat, what God wants you to eat, and how you can change your habits in order to follow God in all things, even what you should eat and not eat.




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