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We Dance

My Daddy had several firm rules for me when I was a teenager. One was no dancing. As a result I never learned to dance. I think his rule was born out of love. I don’t despise him for not allowing me to dance. He, like many pastors in our denomination, saw dancing as something […]

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woman fire

Fighting Fire With Fire

What do you want from me, God? Why am I here again? Why is this fiery trial in my life? Have you ever been there? It seems nothing you do is getting God’s attention. You read your Bible. You pray. You go to church. You do, do, do but God doesn’t seem to notice or […]

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In case you wondered, I was there for the food.

Living to Eat?

From my earliest memories, I lived to eat. Today, I eat to live. Ten years ago I felt I would never be able to say that. For years my weight loss journey could be characterized as a quest to discover the easiest, best, quickest way to lose the mountain of flesh that had somehow attached […]

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