Only God Can Do That

sc willpower

We look at life from such a limited perspective. I call it caterpillar perspective. This is a very appropriate analogy for me. Ever heard of the children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?” In essence it’s the caterpillars job to eat. Most caterpillars don’t really eat apples, pears and oranges like the one in Eric Carle’s […]

Give It Up

roy teresa 1973

Instead of I love you, many young couples are after one thing, to get the other to give it up. You know what “it” is. It’s that three letter word everyone seems to participate in, but you if you are single and not dating. I know several wonderful young adults who don’t buy into this […]

Celebrate You

hug 1

Where would you be without yourself? Strange question, I know. Really, though, sometimes we act as if we would rather be with anyone except ourself. There was a time when I couldn’t stand myself. When I weighed 430 I was totally disgusted with myself. If somehow I could have a pain-free escape to heaven, I […]

Stop That!

little girl cut hair

How many times have you told your daughter to stop running in the house, eating with her mouth full, pestering you, taking a toy from her little sister, hitting her little brother, talking back to you, stop cutting her hair? It seems the more you tell her what not to do, the more she does it. It is […]

Ready to Soar?

little girl pilot

Destiny. Deep inside there is a longing for your life to have meaning and purpose. We ponder thoughts like why am I here? What difference am I making? Is there more to life than just getting up, going to work, coming home, watching TV and going to bed to get up and do it all […]

Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformaton

Sweet Change 3D

The moment of change for those who have stubborn weight issues is a difficult concept to grasp. How can you be eating everything you desire one moment and the next second make a decision that will change your life? It’s obviously not as easy as that. However, nothing worth having ever comes easy. Weight, whether […]

Too Big For My Heart

two trees

No fewer than 10 men and women, dressed in white lab coats, descended on my bed like a plague. They reminded me of a group of human-sized praying mantises waiting to grab me and tear me to shreds. Of course, a praying mantis cannot tear apart a human, but I detest their beady eyes and […]

How Does God See You?

love lenses

What does God see when He looks at you? I propose He looks at you through spectacular lenses of grace. If so, what does that mean?  In actuality,  we really don’t get grace. Its a divine quality that eludes us most of the time. It is never failing, unending, without measure and beyond the scope of […]


eph 210 God's poetry

I was recreated today. Today I heard God’s voice and that’s all I need to know the process that started is continuing. Each and every day as long as I hear His voice, I will continue to be recreated. “We have become His poetry, a recreated people that will fulfill the destiny that He has […]