The Music of Relationship


Any relationship, including, marriage, friendship, familial, vocational, is like playing an ageless piece of music with God as the Conductor. No beautiful music happens unless the focus is always on the Conductor. … [Read more...]

Divine Relationships


Have you ever had a divine relationship? Let me define that for you. I’m talking about a friendship or a marriage relationship that was God-ordained from start to finish or perhaps it’s still going on. God never meant for man to be alone,1 in any capacity. When He made woman He even used those … [Read more...]

The Craving

Woman's cravings

It was almost 1 am. I finally finished my day’s work of writing, answering emails and doing bookkeeping and other tasks. I was tired. I needed to go to bed, but my body said, “Feed me. Feed me something sweet and gooey. I need fuel.” … [Read more...]

Divine Glue

Roy and Teresa Parker, wedding day 1977. Attending a wedding, 2014

If you are married, what keeps you in your marriage. In a day and age when many get divorced and even fewer want to get married, is there a divine glue that helps bind us with our spouse? Last week, my husband and I were reminiscing about our 37 years of marriage. He said, “Have you ever thought … [Read more...]

The Trade

Circle of Doves

Stuff. Life. Problems. They cling to us. We want to run, But they follow. We can never shake them.   Circumstantial, Situational, Medical, Vocational, Still they dwell within. We want a trade.   But they are relentless. Like weeds that will not … [Read more...]

Calm Down

Roy and Teresa Parker celebrating 37 years of marriage, April 9, 2014.

When stress and the worries of this world seem to overtake us, how can we calm down? Life is moving so fast we don't have time to breathe. Stress can be overwhelming. It can create havoc with our bodies—migranes, uncontrollable anger, endless frustration, stomach problems, ulcers, heart disease, … [Read more...]

Got Stress?

Angry crazy  Business woman with a laptop

Stress—we all have it. It is a normal part of life. It can either help us get a job or a task done or it can cause us to deny the job that should be accomplished is even there. In my way of thinking there are basically two kinds of stress—stress you cause yourself by unnecessary worrying and … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story?

Typewriter What is Your Story

Lives are changed because of stories. Well, in reality, lives are changed because of other’s lives, the story of another’s life that impacts you in some major way. Jesus story impacted me profoundly, but I didn’t really understand all the ways until several years ago. … [Read more...]

Dreaming With God

Heavenly View

I'm dreaming with God because I know He knows better than I do what my dream is. The dream He has for me may not be what I think it is. While I am here on earth, I may not even realize completely the impact His dream for me had on the lives of others. But He does have a dream for me and for you. … [Read more...]


1 large pants crop

I have joined the ranks of the Overcomers having lost over 250 pounds. I can tell you it is a miraculous and wonderful feeling. I can also tell you there are days when I want something sinful to eat so bad I can taste it. Of course, food is not bad, but the things I usually crave are bad for me … [Read more...]