Mindless or Mindful?


She sits in her living room, eyes glued to the television screen, lost in a movie she’s seen five times already. She mindlessly eats. She’s had a pizza, entire bag of potato chips and is working on the plate of cookies. She washes it down with diet soda. And that’s just what she had after […]

A Tale of Truth and Freedom

Woman Silhouette Waiting For Summer Sun

Denial and Morbid Obesity are neighbors. Truth lives in the same neighborhood, but Morbid Obesity doesn’t see Him. Morbid Obesity is shy and really doesn’t like Denial all that much, but he enables her to eat anything she wants at any time. Denial is an ugly misshapen being, but then she feels she is, as […]

Celebrating Freedom From Sugar

Rhonda Burrows begins her day with by touching base with the One who set her free from addiction.

Teresa’s Note: It is very appropriate on this July 4 weekend, that Rhonda Burrows shares more about her journey to freedom from sugar addiction. I am so excited for you to get to know Rhonda better. She is an amazing woman with amazing insights from our God. Today is a celebration of my own Independence […]

Five Ways To Kick Sugar


Sugar Addiction is in the health and weight loss industry news a lot these days. Everywhere you look people are giving advice and kicking sugar addiction. I’m very suspicious of their advice. A recent article let me know the author had no clue about what the word “addiction” means when coupled with the word, “sugar.” […]

Why Fat Guys Shouldn’t Wear Speedos


It would take me most of the day to get out of my mind the picture of the extremely overweight man who would come almost daily to the pool. It looked as if he had gained weight and his speedos tried to stretch to accommodate, but they were not doing a good job. If he […]

The Truth About Josh


I met Josh* in 1994. We were attending the same personal growth seminar with 22 other people we didn’t know. I knew the director of the program and others who had gone through, but that was the extent of my knowledge of what I was getting into. I was a 40-year-old morbidly obese wife and […]

I Can’t Say That!

teresa grade 4

We learn many fears in childhood. The sources are not readily apparent and over time get buried in the emotional trash heap we tend to keep rather than discard. I learned one fear at a picturesque white clapboard church my grandparents attended. No one set out to install this fear in me. In just happened. […]

Dry Bones

mean boy7451714_s

The boy crept silently through the back alley to the elderly lady’s house. It was a small bungalow with overgrown bushes all around. He liked the bushes. Great cover for getting in and out of a house at night, especially a house that wasn’t his. An Easy Job He fingered the gun in his jeans’ […]

Get A Life

Roy and Teresa Parker, 2015

Ownership of our sugar or food addiction is a huge part of the process of not only weight loss, but total transformation and getting a REAL life. If there is one pivotal moment in our healthy living LIFEstyle journey, it is the moment we own our issue. I don’t watch much television, but I do […]