Everything’s Changing

Sweet Change 3D

The moment of change for those who have stubborn weight issues is a difficult concept to grasp. How can you be eating everything you desire one moment and the next second make a decision that will change your life? It’s obviously not as easy as that. However, nothing worth having ever comes easy. Weight, whether […]

How Fear Thwarts Destiny

Sweet Change 3D

I am an author. Authors write. Authors who write often have tons of ideas. Tons of ideas fill my brain every day. Tons and tons and tons of books stacked the ceiling of my brain. Millions of pages and pages and pages. And I am afraid of them. The mountain of them forms a monstrous wall […]

The Elephant In The Room


I watched a YouTube video the other day of a full-grown elephant strolling into a couple’s backyard and schnozzeling up water out of their swimming pool. Then, she casually strolled away like this was his normal routine. To those taking the video this was not a normal day. There was an elephant in their back […]

I Am Thankful for My Feet


I am thankful for my feet even though I think they are ugly. When I was a teenager I had pretty feet. I had a friend who had the most atrocious looking feet with the wrong toes too long and some crooked. I felt sorry for her. She wouldn’t wear flip flops in the summer. […]

Why Cinnamon Rolls Cost Too Much

Overweight Woman Relaxing On Sofa

Many people never realize the cost of what they are doing. Take the cost of a dozen large cinnamon rolls. They used to be my favorites. I could get them for less if I bought them by the baker’s dozen, which I did just to get the free one. Those giant cinnamon rolls do cost […]

You Want Me to Step Where?

Blind leap

Putting my faith in God for my weight loss journey seemed a huge disconnect. How could taking a step of faith help me with something so everyday practical as weight loss? More than that, what did God’s Grace have to do with the process?

Sweet Change Step of Faith

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Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching & Accountability Group is a step of faith in many ways. It is a risky journey for you in that you have to put in the effort or it will not work. It’s risky for me as well. I’ll share more about that in a bit. Losing 250 pounds was not […]

Why A Spoonful of Sugar Could Kill You


Sugar is so sweet, like a baby with a lollypop. Sugar just makes everything better. Makes the medicine tastes better. That’s why many medicines are coated with a sugar coating. Chewable vitamins for children have added sugar. Ketchup has sugar added. Even some canned chicken broth has sugar. I know it seems trivial to point […]

The Search for Freedom


I lived in shame for nearly 30 years. I knew I had an issue with food. I knew processed sugar and flour were like drugs to me. I knew I was guilty of something God had clearly showed me I needed to stop. I just couldn’t give it up. And thus, shame and self- condemnation […]