It’s Time To Write Your Book


“It’s time.” “Time for what?” “Time to put you in the game. It’s time to write your book.” “Really? What book?” “The book about your journey. “ And then God showed me the book. I saw it laid out in the heavens—beginning, middle, end, inciting incident, anti-climax, climax, purpose, audience. Always a Writer I had […]

Container of Destiny


“Thank You Father God for my body,” was the thought on my mind as I woke up.  I have not really thanked Him much for this vessel that carries me around from place to place. In reality, my body is a container of destiny, for it contains my spirit and soul. The work I have to […]

Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties

tp sue

My day was planned. First grab a salad for lunch., Then, do a Walmart run, exercise, grocery store, bank and home to write. There was a Walmart closer, but today it seemed imperative I go to the one across town. I argued with that still, small voice. “Why that Walmart? I could just go right […]

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Awaiting the King by James Nesbitt

  Soft I lie against your chest Feeling your heart beat. Strong arms, my welcome fortress Steadying me through this life.   You stir desires in me And that is as it should be God’s design for full, abundant life That reaches heavenward.   Alone we fracture. Together we thrive, I in you, you in […]

Stepping Into Me

before-after wl copy HALF

Who are you? When you introduce yourself, what do you say? Of course first there’s always our name, but beyond that, what do you say? How do you define yourself? How do others define you? How does God define you? This may seem like a non-issue, however it is THE issue. We have no concept […]

Surrendered To His Design

heart shaft adjusted

I am trapped in a cavernous, never-ending place. My exercise is finding the walls that enclose me. It is dark and scary here as I feel my way along the wall. I am angry. I scream in pain, anguish that no one hears. I cry tears of regret—deep, gut-wrenching tears.   How did I get here? […]

Moving Mountains

3 mountains sisters19178302_s

There were three barriers that loomed like huge mountains in front of me—too high to climb, too big to move, too wide to go around and too thick to tunnel through. They surrounded me on all sides and I was engulfed in them. They were mountains I had allowed to move to that location and they […]

Write A Better Story For Your Life


Teresa’s Note: This month Karen Fritzemeier talks transparently about how she is ready to give up fear and embrace faith. She admits it won’t be easy, but with God it is possible. I’ve looked at this weight thing from thousands of angles over the years, and things are finally starting to sort out. With God’s […]

Grace Trumps Guilt


Grace does trump guilt. As Christians, though, we just can’t seem to fully grasp what that means. We feel guilty? Guilt plagues us all our lives because we haven’t lived up to someone else’s expectations. A relationship went bad and the other person blames us. We aren’t living according to Biblical principles. Grace seems distant, like there is […]

Eating to Live

Mary Simonson with five of her 52 great grandchildren.

Teresa’s Note: When Mary Simonson was told she had to give up bread for her health, she was willing. When she learned there were many more foods her body was allergic to, she rebelled. When she realized it was either crucify her desire for certain foods or live, she chose life. She began eating to live. Here’s her […]