Future Authors Wanted


If you’ve always wanted to be an author, if God has given you a message to share with the world, if it’s burning a hole in your heart, if you know it’s time to write your book, I want you to join my newly formed Write the Vision Coaching Group.  I’ve just extended the deadline […]

Jumping the Cultural Barrier

Grandma laughing 750x423

When I was growing up food, especially foods made from sugar and flour, equaled comfort, love and peace. In makes sense, then, one huge barrier I had to jump over on my weight loss journey was a rich family culture centering around the abundance of those types of foods. Food In Her Blood Any time we […]

Got purpose?

tp hands

  Passion, persistence and power are integral to two things I’ve done: authored three books and lost 260 pounds. However, purpose is what makes it all worth it.   Passion The word passion means many things to many people. What I’m talking about, though, is an intense desire or enthusiasm, a compelling feeling that drives me […]

Afraid of God?

Karen Fritzemeier with her children Greta (6) and Micah (8) visiting Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio

I was afraid of God. I was afraid of what He might do or not do. I was afraid He wouldn’t protect my children, husband and myself. I was afraid He might make me do something I didn’t want to do. As long as I ate whatever I wanted, I could keep the fears quiet. […]

I Love Writing

I love writing.I love the swing and swirl

Has a scripture verse ever grabbed hold of you and become inscribed on your heart? Habakkuk 2:2 is such a verse for me.“Write the vision, make it plain so those who read it can run with it.”1  As a writer, it has been my life verse for years. It describes what I have always felt was […]

Beautiful Things

you are beautiful

In the midst of whatever darkness and stillness there is in your life, be encouraged. In the times of nothingness, God shined His grace-light and created a world full of beautiful things, beautiful things like you and me. Nothingness “God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup […]

Authors Wanted


There is a big sign in heaven, “It says Authors Wanted, Apply today. Rewards Guaranteed.” God is definitely doing something new. He says, “Don’t you see it? Don’t you get it? I’ve opened doors that have never before been open in history. I’ve made a way in what used to be a narrow market. Now, it’s […]

Writers Write

My books

“Am I a writer?” I asked my seventh grade teacher. “Do you love writing?” she answered. “Yes.” “Do you write all the time?” “Yes.” “I think you answered your own question.” I was always writing and always figuring out ways to put what I wrote into something that looked like a book. It wasn’t until […]

When God Speaks

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What happens when God speaks? Things are created out of nothing. Our human minds can’t conceive of having nothing one minute, speaking and the next having what you spoke. That’s exactly what God did. One minute there was nothing and the next He spoke the world into existence. Something From Nothing “God created the Heavens […]

What A Crazy Idea!

shutterstock_mind butterfly flower

What if the mind of Christ isn’t as logical as we think it is.  After all, He is God, Creator of the Universe, which includes the platypus. What if the ideas, solutions to our problems and answers to our prayers are not as ordinary as we assume, but seem totally crazy or insane? At 3 a.m. […]