Trusting the Puzzle Master

abstract puzzle-people background with one piece missing

Today I know, above and beyond everything else, God is my Source and the Source for my family. I trust Him as the ultimate Puzzle Master, the only One who really knows what the final picture will look like. I didn't always trust Him as my total Source. It used to be rather puzzling. I said God … [Read more...]

Don’t Try So Hard

Taking a walk, enjoying nature, are good ways to slow down and just be.

"Another Monday comes and I just wanna breathe 'cause it's a long, long week for someone wired to please. I keep taking my aim, pushing it higher, wanna shine bright, even brighter now. Wish I would tell myself, 'Don't try so hard. God gives you grace and you can't earn it,'" Amy Grant sings in … [Read more...]

Intimacy and Weight Loss

kiss in car2

There is no greater joy for me than falling asleep in my husband’s arms. I have been married 37 years and I am 61 years old. Yet, it feels like I just learned in the last few years how to intimately love someone. I have always been in love with my husband, but I have never really felt the … [Read more...]

Suspended in Grace

Woman Leaping At Sunset

Thump, ka-thump, scratch, scrunch. Rhythm disrupted, Life skips a beat. Rats racing in a maze. Cats waiting to pounce. Dogs panting with glee. The merry-go-round continues. Pleasant, then faster, faster, ‘Til the children scream and hang on in fear. Somewhere, … [Read more...]

Who are you and what do you want?


Who are you and what do you want? These used to be difficult questions for me to answer.  These days it’s pretty much become second nature.  I was first genuinely asked those questions some 20  years ago.  Oh, others had asked me before that time, but I had learned to ignore them. My mother was a … [Read more...]

Give Me Dove’s Eyes

A dove has binocular vision or one  in which both eyes are used synchronously to produce a single image.

One of my favorite songs is Misty Edwards’ Dove’s Eyes.  Two lines are the reason this is on repeat on my itunes.  “Give me dove’s eyes.  Give me undistracted devotion for only You.” Undistracted devotion means I first have to get rid of the distractions. In scripture there are many stories … [Read more...]

From Junk to Masterpiece

This herd of horses grazes on and rests in the surrounding grass, seemingly unaware of the busy world. Made of colorful found metal fenders, license plates, old signs and wire, the sculptures prove that castoffs can take on new forms and functions far from their original roles. Once parts of vehicles and farm implements, the combined items now exist as works of art, providing a unique and beautiful view in an otherwise commercial area in Columbia, MO. Sculpture by Doug Owen, 2008.

God take the junk of our lives and forms a masterpiece that no one else would even dream possible. I spitfire singer reminded me of that last weekend. I was watching an interpretative dance to a Greater Is Coming sung by 17-year-old Jekalyn Carr, already an evangelist and songstress being … [Read more...]

Breaking God’s Heart

Contemplative Woman in Kitchen with Cup of Coffee.

How do we break God’s heart?1 The Message version of the Bible interprets Ephesians 5:30, this way. “Don’t grieve God. Don’t break His heart.” Reading the whole of the verses and chapters that come before this one leads me to believe the main we we break His heart is by not following what He’s … [Read more...]

I Choose You For the Transformation of Your Life!

TransformationButterflies copy

What if you are just going about your normal every day life at work or school and all of a sudden a well known celebrity appears and says, “I choose you for the transformation of your life!” You’d probably scream or faint like those Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss chooses. These people have … [Read more...]

Florida, Baby!


My husband and I drove to Florida where I did a couple of television interviews. On July 23, I was honored to be on the Christian Television Networks's Homekeepers program with Arthelene Rippy.  Hostess of Homekeepers, Arthelene Rippy, left, with me before the show. It aired Thursday, July … [Read more...]

I’m Not Contagious, Just Fat

Teresa Parker, left, hugging Devin Muller at Sweet Grace study in April, 2014.

Fat is not contagious, but I lived like I believed it was when I was super morbidly obese. Recently a missionary friend of mine, Terri Novini, posted some old pictures . The year was 1999. I was at my highest weight and although I’m kind of cowering back behind a few people I know I was at my … [Read more...]

When I Was 60


When I was 60, I went for my first hot air balloon ride, did my first live radio interview, taped my first tv interviews, spoke for numerous workshops shared before large and small groups and published a book that became #1 in several Amazon categories. I could write that book because I had … [Read more...]

What the Experts Don’t Tell You About Sugar


Read almost any dietitian or doctor’s advise about sugar and you will hear that it is bad for you in large quantities. So, just cut down on the sugar and you will be fine. It seems no one is talking about what I know really is the root of the obesity epidemic. … [Read more...]

I Made A Mistake


I made a mistake. I could berate myself for it for the rest of my life or I can learn from it. Let me paint the picture for you. … [Read more...]

When Did I Become New?


When I was seven years old I realized I was a sinner. I had stolen candy from the grocery store. I repented, asked Jesus into my heart and was saved from the fires of hell. … [Read more...]

Riding in the Palm of God’s Hand


What does it feel like to be completely taken care of, riding in the palm God's hand? In reality, most of life is not up to us and perhaps, not even to God. However, He does know what is coming and how to navigate the winds that come out way. … [Read more...]

Necessary Endings

one teenage girl comforting another after break up

Do you need to lose an extreme amount of weight? I’d say you need a necessary ending to your current lifestyle, especially the way you eat. I was struck by the concept of Necessary Endings, the name of a new book by Dr. Henry Cloud. This book is about employees, businesses and relationships that … [Read more...]

How Much Is Enough?

Family Preparing meal,mealtime Together

Many people don’t have enough. Some have just enough and others have more than enough. The concept of how much is enough is hard to grasp. … [Read more...]


Art by

Heart on hand. Edges connect. Puzzle pieces fit. Body, Soul, Spirit Collide. Healing rain. Buds blossom. Turn inside out. Upside down. Sustain. Remain. Lose. Find. Distant. Close. Remove. Reconcile. Taking, giving. Crawling, flying. Dying, living. Changed at 3 … [Read more...]

Choose Life

little girl and woman play a toy in a cosy room

Why does God tell us to “choose life?”1 I mean it seems like a no-brainer type of choice. Of course it wasn’t our choice to be born, but it is our choice to live, isn’t it? … [Read more...]

This Is Amazing Grace


"This is Amazing Grace" is a new take on the old song. However, no matter how we sing about it, I always wondered, what about grace is so amazing? … [Read more...]

Good News and How You Can Help


Sweet Grace is once again #1 in the Weight Loss Memoir and Weight Loss Memoirs category on Amazon. I am so excited! It was there before and now it's back up there again. It is also #1 in Christian Weight Loss Memoirs, God and Weight Loss Memoirs, Sugar Addiction Memoirs and Morbid Obesity Memoirs. … [Read more...]

Where Are We Going?

beautiful young woman on beach with scarf

We are embarking on a journey that will last a lifetime and take us places we've never dreamed. Where are we going? … [Read more...]

Still, You Call Me Beautiful

Woman walking on beach

From the first moment God thought of you, He saw you no other way than beautiful. You have been on His heart since the beginning of time. … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

Breaking chain

An awesome group of women committed to changing their lives began a journey to victory today. I know they are ready for monumental breakthroughs. I feel it in the air. Last Tuesday I opened Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching and Accountability Group for introductions. As I started reading the … [Read more...]

God Calling

Sad Young Peruvian Woman

Has God ever called your name? Like Samuel have you heard Him calling you and thought for sure it must be someone else? I have to admit, I’ve never heard God speak to me audibly. However, I have heard Him speak to me in my spirit. … [Read more...]

Big Guy In The Sky


Is God the Big Guy in the Sky? I like to think of Him like that. The Lord's Prayer, my version at least, kind of addresses Him like that. More on that later. The Lord’s prayer is really about leading us each step of the way. It packs a lifetime of advice in five verses. It travels from heaven to … [Read more...]

The Gold Connection

Rising Gold Sun Beam

Something lies buried inside you. It’s been there for a very long time, actually it’s been there since before you were born. It’s precious, rare and pure. It’s the essence of who you are and who you become when you are in Christ. It’s your gold. … [Read more...]

The Independent Sort


I've always been an independent sort, even as a kid. I would be the one who wanted to do it all by herself. That way I didn't have to put up with anyone else's slow and picky style. I could whip through a job and get it done in nothing flat. … [Read more...]

Why I Go To Family Reunions

REN_0064 copy

Every year growing up I looked forward to one big event—The Carr Family Reunion. This was the time when relatives I didn’t even know I had gathered at the most beautiful country church I have ever seen, Perche Baptist Church, near Clark, Mo. I wish I could say I enjoyed gathering with my family … [Read more...]